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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, players build decks around their favorite Pokémon and then play against each other, sending their Pokémon into battle with the goal of winning Prize cards by defeating their opponent’s Pokémon. Players can build their decks from scratch or begin with theme decks—preconstructed decks designed to cover the basics of the game. Then, they can augment their card collections with booster packs that provide more cards, letting players develop more diverse decks. With thousands of cards to choose from, the game is never the same twice. New sets of cards, called “expansions,” are released throughout each year, so the game continues to evolve and expand for both players and collectors. 

Learn more about how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game from the Pokémon Company,  stop in our store today for more details, or join the Great Stories Pokémon Community. We carry a variety of Pokémon Trading Card Game products including Booster Packs, Trainer Decks, Elite Trainer Boxes (ETB), VMAX Box, Tins and more. 


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Pokemon Brilliant Stars Preorder

The latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars, will arrive on February 25, 2022! Join our Pokémon community and play with some of the new cards during the prerelease event.

The Prerelease format lets players first construct and then compete with a 40-card deck, setting aside four Prize cards at the start of play. It’s a great way to get in some quick games with family or friends and to begin developing strategies ahead of the expansion’s general release. Learn more about deck mechanics and Brilliant Stars at the official Pokémon site!

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Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars