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The most exciting thing about Flesh and Blood is that players can find their favorite Heros, Booster Packs, Armory Kits, Welcome Decks, Blitz Decks, and more at Great Stories in Whitinsville, MA. Take Action and join the Flesh and Blood Community at Great Stories during one of our weekly tournaments.

In Flesh and Blood, you play as a powerful Hero, equipped with various weapons and armor, with a wide arsenal of skills and abilities at your disposal. The basic format of standard play is as follows: you have a hero and a supporting deck of at least 60 cards. If this is the beginning of your journey into the world of Rathe, the Flesh and Blood welcome center will help you prepare for the adventures that await. You can also join us during our weekly TCG Academy events to learn more about the game, mechanics and how to play. 

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What’s New with Flesh-and-Blood!

Flesh and Blood Everfast Products For Sale

Step right up, step right up! The greatest show in Rathe is coming to a town near you! Everfest is a supplementary booster set, designed to expand constructed with new cards for every hero in the game.

Within the bustling grounds of the Everfest carnival, all fashion of performers, peddlers, and frolicking fun is to be found. Will you find fun, fame, or good fortune in the carnival slot of your Everfest booster pack… or perhaps take center stage and become the star of the show? Learn more about the supplementary booster on the Flesh and Blood website. 

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