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Warcry League Play

Sunday, May 17 2020 1:00PM @ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

The Warcry League will consist 5 monthly events. Once a month we will meet on a Sunday, dates as followed, Round 1 on 2/23, Round 2 on 3/22, Round 3 on 4/19, Round 4 on 5/17, Round 5 and the conclusion of the league on 6/14. The Winner will be determined based on leader board points. Points will be determined from the chart on pg. 78 of the core rule book. If you are unable to attend on the Sunday event, you will be able to make up your game on any Wednesday of the month during the weekly Warcry open play. But your make game must happen before the next round/event day of the league.

Before the first event, each player will choose their Warcry faction that they will play for the duration of the league. Each players warband rosters may be updated throughout the league but must remain the same faction chosen at the start of the first event. A roster list must be registered for review before each event. For each round of the league each player will need to prepare a 1000-point warband following the core rules of mustering a warband. They will also need to separate their warband into a Dagger, Shield and Hammer following the core rules, and note down on their roster sheets which fighters are in each of these battle groups.

For each League event day, a battle plan and twist will be randomly determined and announced a head of time on the Facebook event listing. The battle plans will be randomly selected from pg. 73 of the core rule book; and each twist will be randomly selected from pgs. 158-159. Players will be assigned matches at the beginning of each event. Each player in the hero phase in the first battle round of each game will select their Hidden Agenda for that game from the chart on pg. 79 of the core rule book. A player cannot choose the same Hidden Agenda more than once throughout the duration of the league. Hidden Agenda’s most be marked on the players roster sheet. Matched Players are to agree upon the terrain set up at the time of game set up.

Registration Fee/Prize Support:

The registration fee for the entire League is $50. Everyone will have from now, until the second round (3/22) to pay in full. All registration fees will go towards prize support at the end event. Prizes will come from the GW Warcry tournament kit and in Store credit. The store credit prize support will be based on attendance for the league and will be announced after round 2. Prizes are as followed.

Best Painted Warband: At the conclusion of the league event each player will vote for another players warband they think is the best painted. The prize will be a Warcry Warband box of that players choosing.

End of League Raffle prize: There will be a raffle at the conclusion of the last event of the league. Each player will receive a raffle ticket for each event day they attend to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 tickets. The raffle will result in a store credit prize.

3rd place will be prized with the Warcry Bronze Medal

2nd place will be prized with the Warcry Silver Medal

1st place will be prized with the Warcry Gold Medal and store credit prize.


Sunday, May 17 2020 1:00PM
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT


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Whitinsville, MA 01588 United States
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