What I’m Reading This Week : January 19, 2022

Greetings and welcome to another episode of the Crank File. Every Wednesday is new comic book day, and on Tuesdays I get to spotlight some of the stuff I’ll be checking out:

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Silk #1

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Emily Kim
Art: Takeshi Miyazawa

What it is: SILK IS BACK! Cindy Moon returns as the web-spinning Spider-Hero SILK in an all-new, all-star series! As Silk gains popularity in the public eye, Cindy is questioning her place in the world. But existentialism will have to wait when a powerful new villain is turned loose! In a race against the clock, Silk discovers the dangers of ancient Korean magic – and social media. Don’t miss the comics debut of stunning storyteller EMILY KIM and the return of legendary comic artist TAKESHI MIYAZAWA! RATED T

Why we love it: Cindy’s back! Again! How’s long it’s been, 5 months? By my count, this will be the fourth time that she’s been back since she was first introduced in 2015. That seems like too many to me, but honestly I’m just glad she’s back in her own a monthly. And I love that Miyazawa is still on art, his style has been a perfect fit for this book. I just worry that there’s already PLENTY of Spider-people running around Marvel comics these days, and hope she doesn’t get squeezed out of an already crowded web. Again.

The Mainstream One: Nightwing #88

Publisher: DC
Words: Tom Taylor
Art: Bruno Redondo

What it is: • The blue stripes are back! Nightwing gets an updated suit starting this issue! Meanwhile, after the distressing events of rescuing Haley from getting dognapped by bad guys, Nightwing discovers there are way more hits on Dick Grayson than he realized, thanks to going public about his fortune, and he needs to find a clever way to be Dick Grayson and Nightwing at the same time. Meanwhile, Heartless tries to buy power away from Blockbuster in order to take control of Bludhaven, and both of these big bads have Nightwing in their crosshairs.

Why we like it: Tom Taylor’s run on Nightwing has been possibly the best relaunch of a character in recent memory. But Dick’s fun, new adventures in Bludhaven were temporarily back-burnered while he returned to Gotham for two issues to deal with Fear State. But Fear State’s over and that means the blue stripes are back! I wonder who else is back this week?

The Indie One: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #125

Publisher: IDW
Words: Sophie Campbell
Art: Pablo Tunica

What it is: The Turles come face-to-face with a territorial group – the Punk Frogs! Will Mutant Town crumble when the two sides collide? Meanwhile, a new villain emerges AND the return of the Triceratons! A new era of TMNT starts here!

Why we like it: Punk Frogs? These guys are new and kind of remind me of Battletoads. Cowabunga.

The #1 One: She-Hulk #1

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Rainbow Rowell
Art: Roge Antonia

What it is: The best character ever is back in her own series and about to glam up the whole Marvel Universe! Jennifer Walters, A.K.A. the Sensational She-Hulk, is no longer savage and needs to put her life back together. She’s got a career to rebuild, friends to reconnect with (and maybe represent in a court of law) and enemies to… well, she may not want to connect with them, but they are DEFINITELY going to connect with her. And the last page of this first issue is going to send Jen down a road she’s never traveled and that will shake up her life and possibly the whole Marvel Universe. RATED T+

Why we like it: And Jenn’s back too! Looks like everyone’s back. Jen Bartel is back too with an absolutely staggering cover, those colors are insane.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Venom #4

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Ram V
Art: Bryan Hitch
Cover Art: David Yardin

What it is: The villainous LIFE FOUNDATION is back—and they have DYLAN BROCK DEAD IN THEIR SIGHTS! Led once again by the insidious Carlton Drake, the symbiote-hunting organization has larger ambitions than ever before, and with ARTHUR KRANE in the palm of their hand, they finally have the political leverage to make them a reality.

What it is: I’m a sucker for an ASM300 cover swipe.

That’s all I got this week. Until next time, carpe comics!

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