The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week – September 25, 2019

Greetings comic book fans and welcome to another episode of the Crank File. Every Wednesday is new comic book day and on Tuesdays I like to spotlight some of the stuff I’ll be checking out.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Powers of X #5 (of 6)

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Johnathan Hickman
Art: R. B. Silva

What it is: As Cerebro does as it was intended to do, Sinister does what Sinister does best and the future comes to an end. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (FF, NEW AVENGERS, INFINITY) continues his reshaping of X-History alongside breakout artist R.B. Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN). The Future of the X-Men begins here! Rated T+

Why we love it: Any surprise here? John Hickman’s Powers of X/House of X crossover series continues it dominance at the top of the pile and will likely only end when it concludes in October.

The Mainstream One: Action Comics #1015

Publisher: DC
Words: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Szymon Kudranski

What it is: Breakout Wonder Comics hero Naomi makes her Metropolis debut as the teen hero looks to Superman to help her navigate her unexpected new role as a hero in the DC Universe. Hoping to answer the remain questions about her origin, lineage and greater purpose on Earth, Naomi not only gets the attention of the Man of Steel but also Gotham City’s Dark Knight Detective, as Batman takes an interest in her quick rise to prominence.

Why we like it: DC’s newest breakout star continues finding her way into the DC Universe. I thought Naomi’s introductory 6 issue mini-series was one of the best runs of 2019 and I am watching her career with great interest.

The Indie One: Black Science #43

Publisher: Image
Words: Rick Remender
Art: Matteo Scalera

What it is: SERIES FINALE! ‘NO AUTHORITY BUT YOURSELF,’ Conclusion: Grant McKay has seen everything there ever was, is, and could conceivably be, but he still has one final choice to make. This is it. The end of RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA’s seminal science fiction epic-featuring a stunning wraparound variant cover from ANDREW ROBINSON! Don’t miss it for the world.

Why we like it: Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera’s multiverse hopping epic reaches it’s fiery conclusion this week. A dark, twisting nightmare of corruption and redemption, Black Science was one of my favorite Rick Remender stories and is worth checking out in trade if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already. 

The #1 One:  Harleen #1 (of 3)

Publisher: DC
Words and art: Stejpan Sejic

What it is: ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions. On that road I saw a pale man, and he smiled at me…’ Dr. Harleen Quinzel has discovered a revolutionary cure for the madness of Gotham City-she just needs to prove it actually works. But with the criminal justice and mental health establishments united against her, the brilliant young psychologist must take drastic measures to save Gotham from itself. Witness Harleen’s first steps on a doomed quest that will give birth to the legendary super-villain Harley Quinn in this stunning reimagining of Harley and The Joker’s twisted and tragic love affair by visionary storyteller Stjepan Sejic (AQUAMAN: UNDERWORLD, SUICIDE SQUAD, Sunstone).

Why we like it: DC’s Black Label imprint gives Harley a gritty re-imagining of her classic origin story as originally told in Batman Adventures: Mad Love. Not only do I love the concept, the cover art was a serious contender for Cover of the Week.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Wonder Woman #79

Publisher: DC
G. Willow Wilson
Jesus Merino
Cover Art: Jenny Frison

What it is: Must a world without love be one without our hero? Wonder Woman is forced to discover a new way to fight after the destruction of her golden lasso and unbreakable bracelets at the hands of Cheetah and her God Killer sword. How can she possibly stop the unstoppable?

Why we like it:  Possibly Frison’s best offering in a very strong cover run. Awesome pose and breathtaking colors.

That’s all I got this week. Until next time, carpe comics!

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