Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign

What Befalls the Mortal Realms?
An Excelsior Warpriest lays his head down for the night inside his residence inside the Temple at Hammerhall. As he slips away from the waking world into the land of dreams, he finds himself on a hell-blasted landscape. Strange glowing comets descend from the heavens as battle rages around him. All Grand Allegiances are present, engaged in all-out war. Each warrior glows with a dim light similar to the light of the comets raining from the heavens. In the heart of the fray, an Orruk Megaboss raises a comet in his grasp and crushes it against his forehead.
The glow of the Megaboss turns into an aura, and manifests into a physical WAAAAGHH! that brings devastation unlike anything the Warpriest has ever seen. Across the battlefield, more warlords unleash the power of the comets and bring a tremendous power to the battlefield.  As the Warpriest stares in awe at the nightmare unfolding before him, a loud BOOM draws his attention to a comet barreling straight towards him. Just before the impact, the Warpriest wakes in a start and a cold sweat. As he takes a breath, recoiling from the vivid nightmare he just escaped, his relief is replaced with dread with the recognition, of a loud BOOM that rattles the windows of his bedroom.
Peering out the window of his bedroom, a comet, with a light rips straight out of his nightmare streaks across the night sky. It is with this sight, the Warpriest realizes that his nightmare was in fact an omen from Sigmar himself. With this realization, he dresses and rushes to the High Warpriest to tell him of his visions while they are fresh in his mind. All across the Mortal Realms, scenes just like this one are playing out bringing these mysterious comets to the attention of all Grand Allegiances. With the promises of power from these comets, each Grand Allegiance tasks warbands with finding and gathering these comets.
Generals…..Gather Your Armies!
Each of you will be growing your warband over the course of two months, gathering power shards harvested from these mystical comets. Each week, you will fight for your Grand Allegiance and gain power shards for both your Grand Allegiance and… for yourself. After the course of two months there will be one final MEGA battle to decide the fate of the mortal realms for years to come and you get to influence that battle’s course. You can donate your power shards to your Grand Allegiance to give everyone in your Grand Allegiance a boost. Alternatively, you can keep them for yourself and use them to greatly increase your own general’s power. Before the big battle, everyone will get the chance to allocate their power shards and may split them however they like between their Grand Allegiance and their own general. This will be an narrative escalation campaign where every 2 weeks we will increase the points limit allowing you to grow your army. This is a good chance to play an army that you don’t use very often or to buy a brand new army all together! You do not need to participate every week and even if you can’t participate on the designated dates, you can always set up a date to play a game and have it count towards the campaign. Don’t forget, this is a narrative campaign as well. Feel free to create a story for your general and their army as they progress through the campaign. It’s always fun to field a named general with a story behind them.
-The Great Stories Team
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