The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week – March 14, 2018

Greetings comic book fans and welcome to another episode of the Crank File. Every Wednesday is new comic book day and on Tuesdays I like to spotlight some of the stuff I’ll be checking out.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Mister Miracle #7

Publisher: DC
Words: Tom King
Art: Mitch Gerads

What it is: Mister Miracle and Big Barda are in a panic. The war with Apokolips isn’t going well. And it’s Barda’s turn to have her past come crashing back into her present as the Female Furies appear on the scene with blood on their minds. Continuing the acclaimed miniseries that Entertainment Weekly called ‘by far the best comic on the stands right now.’

Why we love it: I don’t know what powers made Entertainment Weekly the authority on what is the best comic on the stands right now, but I grudgingly have to agree with their assessment. This is one of those series that pushes the limits of the comic medium and tells a visual story in a new way. King and Gerad’s Mister Miracle is real heady stuff, not a book that you will be able to just pick up and catch up on. If you haven’t been keeping up, you’ll definitely want to hunt down the first 6 issues or wait for the first trade to drop next month.

The Mainstream One: Avengers #684

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Mark Waid
Art: Joe Bennet

What it is: NO SURRENDER Part 10 THE AVENGERS WEEKLY EPIC CONTINUES IN THIS OVERSIZED ISSUE! Back from the dead! He cannot be reasoned with. He will not be stopped. Bruce Banner isn’t home right now. There is only THE IMMORTAL HULK. Rated T+

Why we like it: There was never any doubt if, it was just a matter of when. And this week Bruce Banner is back. I read a synopsis of Immortal Hulk and it almost sounds like he’s going to have some kind of zombie power where he can rise from the dead? Sounds kind of silly, but I’m digging this No Surrender story line and that Mark Brooks cover is dope.

The Indie One: Infidel #1

Publisher: Image
Words: Pornsak Pichetshote
Art: Aaron Campbell

What it is: A haunted house story for the 21st century, INFIDEL follows an American Muslim woman and her multiracial neighbors who move into a building haunted by entities that feed off xenophobia. Bestselling editor PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE (Swamp Thing) makes his comics-writing debut alongside artist extraordinaire AARON CAMPBELL (The Shadow), award-winning colorist and editor JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA (Promethea) and letterer / designer JEFF POWELL (SCALES & SCOUNDRELS).

Why we like it: Very intriguing premise. I think many minorities are haunted by the specters of fear and prejudice.


The #1 One: Eternity Girl #1

Publisher: DC Young Animals
Words: Magdalene Visaggio
Art: Sonny Liew

What it is: Caroline Sharp has been a lot of things, including both a superhero and a super-spy. But now, with those days behind her and her powers proving unreliable, Caroline finds herself stuck in a life weighed down by her depression and an inability to change. You see, Caroline is going to live forever, and there is no escape to be had. The very act of living reminds her that, to the rest of existence, she is an anomaly. All of that could change, however, when her old foe, Madame Atom, comes to her with an intriguing offer. Madame Atom can give Caroline the power to end her life; she just has to destroy the rest of the world. This brand-new DC’s Young Animal miniseries spins out of the Milk Wars event, written by GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim and Kim) and illustrated by Eisner-winning artist Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye).

Why we like it: Another new series with an interesting premise. Life is a gift, but only because we know that someday it ends. But what if it didn’t? Eternal life seems glamorous at first but I would be that after several hundred years of watching your loves die, it would start feeling like a curse.

The Ones I’m Buying for the Cover:

Just too much outstanding cover art this week. Here are some of my favorites and, get this, they are ALL cover price.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #20

Detective Comics #976

Justice League of America #26

SuperGirl #19

Deadly Class #32

Doctor Strange #384

Darth Vader #13


That’s all I got this week. Until next time, carpe comics!

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