A Trip to Totalcon 32

This past weekend Cards and Counter team member Gary visited Total Confusion. Gary has 38 years of gaming experience both as a player and as game runner. With 8 years as a professional, taking the gaming experience across the country to large and small conventions; including Gen Con and Origins Game Fair. So I would say he knows his way around the table top and here is what he has to say about his weekend.


Total Confusion or Totalcon for short. Totalcon The convention has grown since its origin in 1986 and is always held the weekend after Presidents Day in February for 4 days ( Thurs-Sun ). It is now one of the largest gaming conventions in New England. Totalcon caters to a very large selection of games.

Totalcon 32 had a pirate theme for the weekend. Convention goers dressed in various modes of “Pirate”, from a ren-faire shirt over jeans and sneakers to full blown outfit with boots, pants, shirt, long coat, hat, eyepatch and skeletal bird perched on their shoulder. On Saturday night there was a costume contest for the best pirate outfit.

The bulk of events are RPG’s of one sort or another. With the vast majority of those being Dungeons & Dragons of one edition or another. Other RPG’s included Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Doctor Who RPG, Shadorun, Brass & Steel and Kobolds Ate My Baby.

Most tabletop RPG’s are played in four hour slots, though there are some that run only two hours and some that run eight. The majority of these games are similar in that you sit at the table and the person running the game hands out pre-generated characters for use in the scenario. This has the advantage of making sure that the party has all of the necessary skills, abilities or powers that will be required to complete the adventure. The other games allow you to bring your own character to the game, and to use them in other games that take place under the umbrella of one organization or another. The two that I can currently think of are the D&D Adventurers League, Wizards of the Coast official games; and Stormgate a local game to be played at New England conventions and at participating gaming stores.

I spent the majority of my time this year playing Stormgate. This was the inaugural year for this ongoing campaign. It is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game. We started at first level and at the end of the weekend we had attained 6th level. The full set of Stormgate games consisted of six games, played out over twenty-eight hours. To me this was all well worth the investment of time. I may be looking for Stormgate events at Gaming stores.

Prepping for the game was easy. The rules for making your character were to use the point build in the Player’s Handbook to determine your basic stats, with maximum hit points at first level. The only book available for use was The Players Handbook. Other books will be opened for player use during or after Stormgate events.

Board Games included: Aquire, Arkham Horror, Empire Builder, Talisman, Fury of Dracula, Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan (the winner of the weekends tournament won a trip to Origions for the national championships), Diplomacy and Blood Bowl.

Necromunda, Warhammer 40K, Battletech, Formula De and X-Wing were represented in the miniatures area. There were even events set up for young gamers.


Here is the link to take to Total Cons site. Make sure to watch out for next years schedule.


And always be sure to watch Great Stories events schedule for up and coming new games and plans at the shop.


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