New at the Shop: Wings of Glory

Recently the players at the shop have been introduces to Wings of Glory. A game that lets you relive the aerial combat of World War I and World War II by using miniatures and their assigned cards to represent the airplanes and their maneuvers. This is a two player plus game where players will take to the skies to engage their opponents in aerial combat by dueling in dog fights, or by trying to accomplish specific missions.

Here at Great Stories we started meeting every other Thursday for a campaign night with the World War 1 version of the game. This version of the game has fun, fast pace game play which you are able to start playing within minutes of cracking open the box. The easy to understand game mechanics and all of the different airplane miniatures with different flight capabilities keep the play fresh and exciting while still keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun.

To get into the game, it is very affordable and the product is easily accessible. The best way to try it is to purchase a Duel Pack. The Duel Pack comes with the basic rule book, all of the counters, damage ruler and 2 airplanes and their damage/maneuver decks. This way you and a friend can either jump right into an aerial duel, or try one of the scenarios/missions that you can find within the rule book.


At the beginning of the turn each player chooses 3 maneuver cards. All maneuvers of each play are done simultaneously. To do this, take a maneuver card from the deck assigned to your plane and first, line up the center of the card and the center of your base. Then “maneuver” the entire plane and base to line up over the arrow on the card. Your plane can fire once per turn when in range. You will know when you are within firing with the measuring tool. (Pictured below)


The most stressful part while playing the game could be while taking damage you not only count the hit points you are taking but also the special damage that can comes with drawing from the damage deck. On this example of a damage card, you are counting the 3 damage and the symbol here indicates that your pilot has been hit. This comes with special conditions that must be met.


I have found this game while being incredibly entertaining, it can be pretty educational too. If you love airplanes or just war and history in general, you will find joy in this game. For me, it’s the history behind everything. With each miniature that you purchase and collect you will receive historical information about that plane and a veteran pilot you served in that era. Then if you ask someone like Ben from the shop, who introduced us to the game. “I just love airplanes, and I want to share that passion.” And that my friends is why I come to Great Stories. You not only meet great people and play great games; you also find a community who just share their passion for gaming, comics, movies and more. We have started something great here at the shop. We already have 8 to 10 people on a regular basis to come and play “Wings” and anyone is welcome to join. Come down to the shop and ask about “Wings” night. If you are into games with miniatures; I recommend this to you. You can also ask about all of the other great events going on around the shop. This is a place that is always changing, always adapting. Don’t miss out on all of the fun.

Until then my fellow gamers,


See you across the table


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  1. A great time! Can’t wait to play again.

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