Interview with Nicole Majik (Angels & Demons Preview)

Presenting an interview with Nicole Majik, our featured guest for the upcoming Angels & Demons: Experiences in the Paranormal event taking place this Friday, October 13th at 7 PM at Solomon’s Temple Lodge in Uxbridge, MA.

How old were you when you realized you had an ability to make contact with the spirit world and can you tell us about this first experience?

It was June, 1980. I was 5 years old. I knew that my grandfather passed away during the nighttime. When my sister mentioned it to me I nonchalantly said, “I know” and kept about my business. She said that I couldn’t know because I was sleeping. I said that my aunt’s dog came to me in my sleep and showed me that he was dead now. (My aunt was the one who received the news first and I was very close to her throughout my life. Her dog I considered my own dog and we used to telepathically communicate all the time) I saw my grandfather and he had pulled a quarter from behind each of my ears like he always did to me and smiled and went away. My sister accused me of lying and told on me like I was insincere. I didn’t care because I just knew and she didn’t understand.

Have you ever been intimidated or fearful of situations involving this extra-sensory ability?

Yes and no. It sometimes is a double-edged sword. There is much responsibility that comes with it many times and with that a type of empowerment that you have the gift, so use it. I have seen many things that have been “scary” or “intimidating”, but at the same time, the gift allows you to utilize it to overcome that sense of fear and walk with power in those situations. Sometimes you just have to be strong and trust in it.

How has this experience influenced your life and your approach to relationships and life in general?

The experience with seeing spirits and auras and being able to communicate with people, past and present on a very different plane has shaped me into the person I am today. It has allowed me to see things from very different points of view at the same time; it’s shown me how and when to speak or bite my tongue; it has shown me the truth behind people’s words and to just take in what they say even when I know they are lying to me. So relationships over my lifetime have been quite interesting. People aren’t always what they try to project themselves to be, and there is something very frustrating and sad about that to me when I witness the human conflict unfolding right in front of me. On another note, that has also allowed me to develop a special sense of compassion and understanding for this human condition and has grown into a sense of non-judgment for people in general. I guess it has allowed me to mature in certain areas that seem much more abstract and untouchable in the psyche and heart.

Do you feel that you would be a different person if not for this experience?

Very simplified, we become a product of all of our beliefs and experiences, and since seeing spirits and other things in the metaphysical realm has been a large part of my life, I probably would have become someone different than I am today. What that person would be like, I have no idea. There are infinite possibilities and I am living one of them now.

What can people expect from your Angels and Demons event?

People can expect a laid back, down to Earth discussion of my own personal experiences in the paranormal. Some of these stories have been mentioned briefly and not in the full detail that will be told on Friday the 13th. Some of these stories have only been told to only a few people very close to me. I will give the first public fully detailed version about my own Near Death Experience and riding upon angel wings and how that experience sparked the fire to drastically change my life forever with a force that seemed almost uncontrollable. The stories that I have chosen are close to my heart and have deep meaning for how such paranormal experiences can change a person and shape them into who they become. I hope that I can take the audience into another world and through my words have them gain some insight and imagine themselves experiencing to some degree what I have.

What are your interests and passions? What are your professional goals and pursuits, with Majik LLC?

My interests and passions are simple: helping people to embrace who they truly are, and empowering them to awaken their true potential. I do this work through various avenues and in everything I do, from my “day job” to Majik, LLC and all of my personal endeavors.

And where can we find out more about what you do, and what may be coming up?

All of my services, workshops, events, and more can be found on my website:
Follow me on Facebook and Twitter: @MajikLLC
Instagram: Nicole_Majik

Tickets are available now for this very special and fun event.  You can buy them in advance for $15 at Great Stories Comics & Gaming in Uxbridge, or click the EventBrite link here to buy online!

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