Five Days of Friday the 13th Part One: His Name Was Jason


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A quick history of the Story and the Author

By: Tom Vanner

We all know the story of the little boy who had drowned at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957 at the age of 11 years old. This 5 day blog will take you through the story of Jason and give a quick review of each movie along with some opinions and my point of view of the series, leading up to this year’s Friday, October 13th.

The Vanner family

First a little about myself, I know just what you wanted to read…DEAL WITH IT! I’m an EMT (Cardiac) and Fire Fighter , and father of a 2 year old boy. I have an obsession with Halloween, a love of October and an infatuation with “The Friday the 13th” main character, Jason Voorhees. I’m a Metallica fanatic, a Huge Boston Bruins fan and when I get the chance I like stopping a few pucks here and there. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, spending time in the woods, sometimes from a ground stand. Sorry to say ladies, this dude is taken. I am the type of person who doesn’t watch much on the “educational” level on T.V anymore since most of my shows were discontinued. Yep, still mad about it History channel. I am also the type of person that sits and watches the entire animated recreation of the “Titanic” sinking.

I saw my first horror flick when I was about 2 in a half. I couldn’t sleep one night, so my mom brought me into her bedroom and put on a movie that looked innocent enough, a movie about a boy and his “good guy doll”. Well, she fell asleep and later woke up to the doll killing everyone. I was watching intently so she left it on (which explains a lot). After that “Friday the 13th” was a short time away for me to be introduced to it. I was approximately the age of 3 or 4 (I can proudly say my son beat me at the age of 1 1/2 half). Ever since I first saw the Jason movies I fell in love with the character. I loved everything about him, he was brutal, wore a hockey mask, was unstoppable, and was an all round creative killer. Sure the machete probably accounts for most kills, but he was rather resourceful with his kills. Even though “Friday the 13th” is not my favorite movie (“Forrest Gump” or “Nightmare before Christmas” receive that honor). Hell it’s not even my Favorite series (“Back to The Future” holds that title). However, Jason Voorhees is by far my favorite character of all time. I could not even tell you how many times I have been him for Halloween. I even went ahead and made my own costume of him to portray him for a local Haunted attraction in Cumberland, “13th World” (open Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of October, bring the kids) I have an unhealthy obsession with him and for that I feel some of you, maybe just one of you, probably the guy hiding in the back there (yeah I see you) can appreciate what I have to say. So here we go, welcome to the dark, scary and unconventional chasm I call my mind.

Pamela Voorhees: A dedicated mother?

It was June 13 1946, Elias and Pamela Voorhees welcomed into the world a bouncing baby boy they were to name Jason. If only it were that happy of a start. It’s unknown when exactly he split but, it is widely believed Elias had taken off on his young family before Jason was even born leaving him alone with his Mother. Pamela’s special boy was born disabled with sever head deformities and some cognitive impairment that would stunt his overall development mentally.

Pamela did all she could to properly raise her special boy and show him all the love she could. In 1957, Pamela was the cook at a local camp,” Camp Crystal Lake” where her son would also spend the summer.

Camp was a staple of every worthy childhood during summer!
Breaking into song by the fire.

The hope was for Jason to meet new friends and have an opportunity to be a regular kid. That fateful summer would soon become tragic as one night Jason, who had been out-casted early by the other children, had gone to the lake unattended and unsupervised by any of the camp counselors. He had drowned that night and his body was never recovered.

Unsupervised tragedy

Poor Pamela had lost her whole world that night as the people who were suppose to be watching and taking care of the kids were busy having sex, drinking, and doing drugs.

Caught doing things they should not do, while on duty.

The Camp was closed down and Pamela had never even gotten any closure on the loss of her son.

Camp Crystal Lake would later be nicknamed Camp Blood from the rumors of the deaths of anyone who entered the property. One June Day in 1979 the Camp was given the green light to be reopened….what comes next will be continued tomorrow.  🙂

Cursed camp?
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