Atomic Blonde – The Dope Sheet Movie Review

Release Date:  July 28, 2017
Rating:  R
Run Time:  1 hour 55 min
After Credit Scene:  NO
IMAX Viewing:  NO
3D Viewing:  NO
Reviewer:  Wayne Demers
The Dope Sheet Score:  6.0 out of 10

A non-spoiler review.

What you need to know about Atomic Blonde:  We are back to the 80’s just before the Berlin Wall is torn down.  Spies from all sides are trying to gain access to a list of agents from the US and UK.  MI6 has deployed their best operatives to collect that list so not to fall into enemy hands. 

What works:  80’s soundtrack that is in some cases, updated or remastered.  Charlize Theron is amazing as is James McAvoy.  Charlize just doesn’t age.  The fight scenes were very well choreographed, some of the best I’ve seen in some time.  Excellent stunt work.

What doesn’t work:  The story moves forward with such a fervor that you can’t recall all the characters and who they work for.    The plot is simple and thin.  There is little to keep you engaged unless you love Charlize Theron, action, and 80’s tunes.  The use of titling the chapters with spray paint eventually gets annoying.  There are scenes that could have had better development and others that could have been cut short.  The movie feels longer than its actual running time.

Overall this is a summer action movie built around Charlize as she kicks some serious butt.  Kudos goes out to the stuntwoman who doubles for Charlese as some of those stunts are amazing.  However, this will be a summer dud and I bet the film will be done in 4 weeks.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give Atomic Blonde a 6.0.  Be sure to grab something from concessions to help pass the time.

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