The Book of Henry – The Dope Sheet Movie Review

Release Date:  June 16, 2017  
Rating:  PG-13  
Run Time:  1 hour 45 minutes  
After Credit Scene:  NO  
IMAX Viewing:  NO  
3D Viewing:  NO  
Reviewer:  Wayne Demers  
The Dope Sheet Score:  6.5 out of 10

A Non-Spoiler Review

Henry, a childhood genius, lives with his mother and younger brother.   Using the notebook Henry has written, together they try to save their neighbor from her abusive stepfather.

What works:    The acting is quite good as both Naomi Watts (Susan) and Jaeden Lieberher (Henry) give solid performances.  Sarah Silverman (Sheila) does a good job in a serious role as does veteran small screen actor Dean Norris (Glenn Sickleman).  This is a good story, not a great story, but a good story that will tug at your heart strings and repulse you with sensitive topics.  The film does an outstanding job during a few scenes of leaving your mind to fill in the blanks.  By doing so, the film guides the viewers imagination to determine the characters actions.  Very powerful.

What doesn’t work:  Young actress Maddie Ziegler needs a few more acting classes.  You may recognize her from the reality tv show, “Dance Moms.”  It wasn’t until her dance scene that I was able to put my finger on why she looked familiar.  Not a poor performance, but one that stood out that she needs some polishing.  Through the first half of the movie you get the feeling you are watching an after-school special, but as the plot develops the movie gets darker and more twisted.  It is at this point in the film it loses some of the audience because the story switches from a drama to a thriller.  Looking at the poster for the film, you may be misguided as to the type of film you are going to watch.  If you have watched the trailer for this movie, the story becomes a bit predictable.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and the story, but this isn’t the movie you take your preteen to see on a rainy summer day.  Due to the sensitive/adult situations that the movie dives into, I don’t feel this movie is going to get its credit as a good story and may not last long at the box office.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give The Book of Henry a 6.5.  It is worth a matinee ticket, but only if you have nothing to do on a rainy day.

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