Transformers: The Last Knight – The Dope Sheet Movie Review

Release Date:  June 21, 2017
Rating:  PG-13
Run Time:  2 hour 20 minutes
After Credit Scene:  During Credit Scene, none after credits
IMAX Viewing:  YES
3D Viewing:  YES
Reviewer:  Wayne Demers
The Dope Sheet Score:  6.1 out of 10

A Non-Spoiler Review

Check your brain at the door folks!  Let’s not try to make too much sense of it all because you really came to see robots, explosions, and action sequences.  Do not go see this movie if you are expecting a good story.  The only reason why we go see these films is because of the cartoon series we had in our youth.

You should watch the previous film before going to see this one so that you are reminded of what has happened.  The movie picks up in the dark ages to let us know that Transformers have been around for a long time.  Present day, humans are still picking up the pieces from the battles in the previous film.  Soon there are signs that the end of the world is coming and we need the Transformers to save the day.  Bumble Bee is our main Transformer and clearly the focus is on him because he is to have his own movie in a few years.  Have no doubt, this film is going to be a financial success, but it doesn’t deserve to be successful.

What works:    The scenery is wonderful.  Ladies will love Mark Wahlberg.  This movie was filmed to be seen in IMAX and it was wonderful.  Fun car chase scenes.  Anthony Hopkins was fun to watch.  Frank Welker who was the voice of Megatron in the TV series reprises his role on the big screen.

What doesn’t work:  The movie is too long, it could have been 45 – 60 min shorter.  The story is lousy and to many subplots that get lost in action scenes.  There are characters that really didn’t have to be in the movie and play such a small role that there was no need for them.  The movie is constantly trying to add humor where it isn’t needed.  Sure, I may have chuckled a few times, but the humor is forced into the story.  There are parts of the story that do not make sense, specifically with the character Vivian Wembley and I can’t go into it or I’ll spoil some of the crappy story.  There is a romance in the movie that is forced on the viewer and it wasn’t believable.  At times, the special effects didn’t pair up with the live action actor very well.  Maybe it was so clear in IMAX that it stood out and it is possible it isn’t as noticeable in 2D.  I’m tired of the same ole stuff from Transformers with explosions and shaky camera action sequences.  There isn’t enough Optimus Prime and when he is on screen, he reminds us of who he is too much.  Without ruining anything, we have a “Martha” moment that really irked me.  We have baby Transformers!  Really?  We need baby transformers for one reason only, to sell toys.  There is some swearing in the film and I felt it was gratuitous to appeal to older viewers.  There are too many characters and the story is lost in action sequences.

Ugh.  I wanted this movie to be good and I was hopeful, but this movie is good at one thing and one thing only, loud action sequences.  I loved the Transformers when I was kid, but these movies fail to grab the essence of the tv series and fail to let the Transformers be the stars of the film.  Michael Bay says this will be the last time he will direct a Transformers film and this person hopes he is true to his word.  He is excellent at action and explosions, but I’m exhausted of crappy stories we continue to get in Transformers films.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give Transformers: The Last Knight a 6.1.  I’m being generous with this score.  If you are a Transformers movie fan, go see it in IMAX and enjoy the sound and 3D.

Did you see the film?  Let’s get into spoilers in the comments below.

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