Cards and Counters: Taking Care of Your Card Collection

The information in this week’s discussion may be common knowledge to must folks, but I would like to talk about trading/collecting card care and storage. Why not protect the collection that you invest so much time, effort and money into while at the same time keeping it organized and accessible. Collecting cards is a fun hobby and with it comes buying, selling and trading whether it’s with your local game shop or a friend. There are too many times that I have seen people try to sell or trade damaged cards just to be told that no one will buy from them with cards like that. It kills me to see the disappointment a younger players face when all they want to do is trade up for better cards. It is up to us older guys and gals to step in and give tips to people on the best ways to keep their collection as in good of shape as ours is in.

It’s worth protecting if it’s worth collecting.

It’s important to take care of your cards in order to keep their value up. I will say that for any card no matter what it cost. I’m also very ocd when it comes to any of my collections. Even if you play with your cards there are ways to use them and keep them safe. There are many affordable products and different ways to protect your cards. Ultra Pro is probably to cheapest and easiest way to get started.

Every time I rip packs I sort the new cards by rarity and by foil. The common cards will go into a 1000 card count box and then the rares and foils will get sleeved up and but into an Ultra Pro deck box or into a binder. All of these supplies can be found at your local game store. For any cards that I use to play with I tend to double sleeve, but that’s really for the way it feels when shuffling double sleeved cards.

The 1000 count boxes are the best way to store and to keep your cards well organized and accessible. Just be sure that you are going to keep everything stores in a dry place. It’s the worst smell in the world opening up a box that has been sitting in a damp basement for a couple years.


Binders are the best way to show your collection off. The 9 sleeve pages are pretty to look at, especially it filled with foils and organized by card number. It’s best to put the card in a card sleeve before into the page sleeve. This provides extra protection while having a snug fit so your cards don’t fall out of the binder.



These are just some recommendation for caring for your cards. Get down to your local game store for all of these supplies.

Let me know what you do to protect your cards. Are there any products out there that I should be using and maybe reviewing for others to try?

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