The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week – 4/12/2017

Hey yo comic book fans and welcome to another episode of the Crank File. Every Wednesday is new comic book day, and on Tuesday I spotlight some of the titles that I will be checking out at my LCS. Here’s what I’m reading on a surprisingly Marvel heavy week.


The Top of the Pile: Old Man Logan #21

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Jeff Lemire
Art: Felipe Andrade

What it is: THE EPIC ‘PAST LIVES’ SAGA BEGINS HERE! AN INSTANT CLASSIC FOR THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES! Follow LOGAN through the ages – in the 1800s as a young mutant, to his first encounter with the HULK, to his stint with the X-MEN as WOLVERINE – it’s all here! OLD MAN LOGAN is accidentally sent spiraling through his own past, forced to relive some of his most tragic and intense moments. Will he be able to free himself from these living memories? And will he ever return to the WASTELANDS and the young baby Hulk he left behind? Parental Advisory

Why we love it: Jeff Lemire’s contract with Marvel is coming up and that means some of my favorite current Marvel series will be concluding or more likely relaunching after this year’s Secret Empire event. Old Man Logan may have been my favorite title that Lemire wrote for Marvel, so I’m bummed to see this one go. But thankfully we’ll get one last epic saga before the old man takes a bow and Marvel (hopefully) brings back Wolverine classic.




The Mainstream One: Deadpool Vs Punisher #1

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Fred Van Lente
Art: Pere Perez

What it is: Frank Castle has an unstoppable will – a powerful drive to punish those who do wrong, rooted in the tragic killing of his family. Wade Wilson has an unstoppable mouth – an unthinking knack for annoying everyone around him, rooted in thinking he’s funny. Both men, however, are among the deadliest on the planet. When they find themselves in disagreement over the criminal known as The Bank, they’re in for one of the most brutal fights of their lives! Can Frank kill Wade over and over without ever dying once himself? Or will Wade bug him until he welcomes death?

Why we like it:  It seems like every time Deadpool teams-up with another hero, the results are hysterical. This is clearly no team-up, as denoted by the “Vs” in Deadpool Vs Punisher, but judging by the cover I’m expecting healthy doses of jokes and violence.


The Indie One: Seven to Eternity #5 (Albuquerque variant)

Publisher: Image
Words: Rick Remender
Art: Jerome Opena

What it is: NEW STORY ARC! Adam Osidis and the Mosak come to a crossroads. The choices they make here will echo throughout the lands of Zhal for all eternity.

Why we like it: Seven to Eternity is one of those books that remind us why a publisher like Image is essential to the industry. It’s a story that wouldn’t and probably couldn’t be told by the capes and underwear crowd. Remender’s writing is top-form and Opena’s richly detailed art fully brings this dystopic fantasy to life.



The #1 One: Rose #1

Publisher: Image
Words: Meredith Finch
Art: Ig Guara

What it is: SERIES PREMIERE A classic fantasy tale about a girl trying to restore balance to a broken world. Rose must connect with her Khat-Thorne-to become the Guardian the world needs. But things aren’t easy for Rose and Thorne, the powerful sorcerous Drucilla has many powerful and demonic allies-all of them focused on stopping one scared little girl who’s desperately trying to stay alive and do what’s right. Written by MEREDITH FINCH (Wonder Woman, Little Mermaid), and drawn by fan-favorite artist IG GUARA (Batman: Arkham Knight, Blue Beetle, The Ravagers).

Why we like it: The synopsis reminds me of the episode of Bob’s Burgers when Louis writes a Game of Thrones-esque story that centers around her Aunt Gail and her cat dragons. I like the creative team and Image has been on a roll recently, so I’ll give this one a browse at the stands.


ASM26b ASm26a

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Amazing Spiderman #26 (Cover A and/or Resurrxion variant)

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Dan Slott
Art: Stuart Innomen
Cover Art: Alex Ross and Kris Anka

What it is: ‘THE OSBORN IDENTITY’ CONTINUES! Silver Sable comes back into Spider-Man’s life – but isn’t she DEAD?! Norman Osborn has worked his way into a position of power in Symkaria, and any incursion by Spider-Man will be seen as an act of war. Will Spider-Man risk international infamy to take down his most dangerous foe?

Why we like it: Not one, but two smoking-hot covers for this week’s ASM. With rumors of Silver Sable heading to the silver screen, I’m grabbing the regular Alex Ross cover for sure. And Storm’s one of my favorite X-Men of all time, so I’ll grab the Ressurrxtion variant if I can get it for a reasonable price.


That’s all I got this week. Until next time, carpe comics!

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