The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week – 4/5/2017

Greetings comic book fans and welcome to another episode of the Crank File. Every Tuesday I spotlight some of the new comics coming out on Wednesday that I will be checking out. Speaking of checking out, if you’re near Marlboro, MA this weekend then you’ll want to check out Super Megafest. They assembled a nice lineup of creators this year. Better go Saturday if you want to meet legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont.

Here’s what I’m reading this week.



The Top of the Pile: Batman #20

Publisher: DC
Words: Tom King
Art: David Finch

What it is: ‘I am Bane’ finale! In this epic climax, there is no going back. No more tricks, no more allies. Just Batman. And Bane. When the final blood spills nothing will ever be the same for the Dark Knight.

Why we love it: There’s a theory among certain circles of Batfans that all the greatest Bat-villains represent specific mental disorders: Joker is insanity, Catwoman is kleptomania, Two Face is multiple personality disorder, Riddler is an autistic (maybe on the spectrum?), etc.etc. But Bane. He’s a sane man, relatively speaking. A psychopath at worst and at best megalomania, but the same could be said of anyone in the Batman universe, Batman included. And that is why Bane is Batman’s greatest foe. He’s Batman’s equal. Batman’s dark reflection. I know it, and Tom King knows it. And if you’re reading this comic, then you know it too.


The Mainstream One: Superman#20

Publisher: DC
Words: Peter J Tomasi
Art: Patrick Gleason

What it is: ‘Superman black’ part one! A ‘Superman Reborn Aftermath’ tie-in! As the smoke clears the Kents are faced with leaving Hamilton to go back to Metropolis, but someone or something doesn’t want them to leave! Batman and Robin discover something is mysteriously wrong with the son of Superman-he’s losing his powers!

Why we like it: It’s been a long time since Superman has been a regular on my pull list. Superman has always been the central character in the DC universe and Superman Reborn gave us a huge piece of the Rebirth puzzle. Looking forward to having big blue back in the regular rotation.


The Indie One: Rock Candy Mountain #1

Publisher: Image
Words and art: Kyle Starks

What it is: SERIES PREMIERE Eisner-nominated comic creator, KYLE STARKS (SEXCASTLE), would like to invite you to enter the magical world of hobos. The world’s toughest hobo is searching through post-World War II America for the mythological Rock Candy Mountain, and he’s going to have to fight his way to get there. Lots of hobo fights. So many hobo fights. A new action-comedy series full of high action, epic stakes, magic, friendships, trains, punching, kicking, joking, a ton of hobo nonsense, and the Literal Devil. Yeah. The Literal Devil.

Why we like it: When I was a young child, I wanted to grow up to be either an astronaut or a hobo. I haven’t achieved either throughout my career, although my fascination with both has never left.


The #1 One: X-Men Gold #1

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Marc Guggenheim
Art: Ardian Syaf

What it is: FROM THE ASHES OF INHUMANS VS X-MEN, AN ALL-NEW TEAM OF X-MEN RISES! Xavier’s dream comes full circle as KITTY PRYDE takes the reins and assembles a squad of the most iconic X-Men to fight at her side. STORM. COLOSSUS. NIGHTCRAWLER. OLD MAN LOGAN. PRESTIGE. They are X-MEN GOLD! And they’re on a mission to be Earth’s finest heroes, even when that means defending those who hate and fear them. Brought to you by an all-star creative team of Marc Guggenheim (X-MEN, S.H.I.E.L.D., television’s Arrow) and Ardian Syaf (BATGIRL, SUPERMAN/BATMAN, BRIGHTEST DAY), a new beginning for the strangest heroes of all starts here!

Why we like it: X-Men wasn’t my first introduction into comics, but it was my first love. And like all first loves, the X-Men will always hold a very special place in my heart and on my pull list. The lineup is a partial-revamp of the All-New All-Different team that debuted in Giant Size X-Men #1 and turned the series from one Marvel’s lowest selling titles to the most recognizable superhero team of the 90’s.


The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Captain America Steve Rogers #15

Publisher: Marvel
Words: Nick Spencer
Art: Javier Pina
Cover Art: Gabriele Dell’Otto

What it is: Only one man can lead Hydra into a new age of dominance and superiority! The Red Skull believes that he is that man! But Captain America thinks otherwise! It’s a no-holds-barred final throwdown that you will not believe!

Why we like it: Who doesn’t love a beautiful cover of Captain America punching the world’s second most recognizable nazi in the face? Nazis I suppose, but we don’t care about them around here.


That’s all I got this week. Until next time, carpe comics!

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