The Female Perspective: A Little Bit of Laughter!

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It’s been a long week already, a hard week for some, a good week for others. Whatever your political side, I hope you are feeling at peace in some way in knowing that the world keeps spinning and in the end, we are all the same, we are Humans, we are Americans and as naive as it sounds, let’s try to love one another. 

That being said, I had wanted to post something about the movie Dr. Strange but I’m not quite feeling it at this time. Instead I think it would be more fun to post some happy stuff, to do a list of things that make me smile in the hopes that they make you smile too.

Also, I’m having technical issues and can’t seem to post any actual video or pictures in here today so make sure to click the titles for the fun stuff!!!

Tiny Hamster Eating a Tiny Pizza

It’s exactly as advertised and for some reason, it’s totally adorable.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

This is seriously the best. How can you not fall in love with Marcel who mis-pronounces his own name and is ashamed of the salad “mess” in his home.

“Guess what my skis are.”


“Toenails from a man.”

Simon’s Cat – Trash Cat

Anything related to Simon’s Cat is freaking hilarious. I love the hijinks this little one gets into!

Those are a few things that make me giggle, have nothing to do with feminism or politics and that remind me that life goes on, even if it feels as though everything is falling apart.

I will be back next week with some Dr. Strange fun and more in the weeks that follow!

Be well, send love and be love my blog reading and writing friends.

What makes you laugh? Post links in the comments and share with the class!

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