The Female Perspective: The “True Detective” Finale: Beautiful or Boring?

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So here we are, at the end of Season 2 of True Detective and how do I feel? I’m honestly not sure. I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t love it with all my heart. The first season of TD left me feeling excited, as if I had watched something truly great. Like I had watched two great actors really duke things out and make a difference in the artistic landscape. After watching season 2 I feel as if that it had moments of goodness, not greatness. As I’ve said before, watching Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell glare at each other and chew the scenery was entertaining in all ways. This episode did not disappoint in that regard. Both Vaughn and Farrell gave really solid performances here. They kept up their end of the bargain, but did the story keep up it’s end?

I’m not really sure.

Don’t get me wrong, they tied up all the loose ends, made it all made sense. We found out who killed Casper and all that stuff but at the same time I think my issue was that I never really cared who killed him. His character meant nothing to me. He was just this guy that I most of the time remembered had died horrifically and that was it.

I think that’s what it was about this season of TD, I never really cared about the case. I liked the characters (for the most part) and I found them interesting to watch but at the same time, what they were trying to accomplish was lost to me. I found it … very dull at best and sleep-inducing boring at it’s worst.

All that being said, there were some real highlights in this episode.

Vince Vaughn really showed off some acting chops in this season of "True Detective"
Vince Vaughn really showed off some acting chops in this season of “True Detective”


1. Vince Vaughn. Oh yes, Vince you did an amazing job of being a mobster who we kind of like and want to see escape. When we realized that you are not going to get away … that really bummed me out. But the moments when he’s trudging through the desert and he is reliving moments of his past (an abusive father and a gang of guys taunting him) and vowing to never lie down, oh yes, that was some good stuff right there. You felt his desire, his drive to stay alive. You knew he was determined to never surrender, to not let himself die but sadly, your mind can only do so much and we leave Vaughn in the desert.

2. Colin Farrell. Did I mention that he was awesome in this show? His quiet, tough, screwed up character was fascinating to me, I wish we had had more time to get to know him because no matter what the first half of the season tried to tell us, his character was not a bad guy. He was, in fact, a good man in a bad place doing bad things to survive.  He has a chance to get away (with money) and he has to see his son one more time. It’s that one more time that gets him killed but he goes out the only way he can, fighting.

3. The good guys don’t win. I am a sucker for an unhappy ending, I’ll admit that. The one thing that I think TD season 2 did right was not letting the good guys win outright. They go on to continue their reign of corruption over California and all we can do is hope that Rachel McAdam’s character gets her revenge (which is alluded to at the very end when she gives a reporter all her evidence). Even though she walks away from the reporter, we know that she’s done the very best she can to redeem the legacy of the men that had been killed.

4. The  music. Good lord, the music in this episode was phenomenal. It really set the tone and made you care more about what was happening than I probably would have had it not been so beautiful. I cannot stress how much I am now in love with Lera Lynn’s voice. Check out one of her songs from True Detective below.

Watch the video for “This Is My Least Favorite Life” here.

My least favorite part of the finale? It’s really my problem with the entire season, it was too short. I felt like at 8 episodes, this season was really rushed and I never really got to know any of the characters in a way that felt genuine. It all felt smashed together and we were supposed to fall in love with these characters without knowing anything about their pain or their struggles.

Farrell was great, McAdams was okay - their chemistry? Non-existant.
Farrell was great, McAdams was okay – their chemistry? Non-existant.

All in all, while Season 2 didn’t live up to the huge legacy Season 1 left behind, it did an okay job of telling a story. More importantly, it showed off some big talent in it’s cast, even if that cast was so big sometimes that I wanted to scream. I loved the intimacy of season 1. We were solely concerned with the characters played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey and their struggles. This season would have benefited greatly from having only Farrell and Vaughn to rely on.

What did YOU think? Love it? Hate it? Didn’t watch it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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