The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 8/5/2015

Is there a particular issue that haunts you? The second print of Captain Marvel 17 is mine. My Moby Dick. The one that got away.

A while ago I was hunting down Kamala’s back issues I came across a small stack of CM 17s that had been forgotten on the rack. She makes her second cameo appearance in Captain Marvel #17, and is the first time we see he using her embiggening power. I flipped through and pulled four clean copies. And as I was putting the left overs back on the shelf, I noticed the second print. While the first printing had Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, on the cover, the second printing cover featured Kamala donning her Ms. Marvel costume. After some deliberation, I decided to leave the second printing on the stand because in my experience 2nd printings don’t do well on the secondary market. I’ve been kicking myself since. This book currently cannot be had for under a c-note and its memory keeps me up at night.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Airboy #3 Image


Airboy #1 was some of the best fun of I’ve had reading a comic in a while. It was so good that the second issue was my Indie One last month and it did not disappoint. This week Airboy rockets all the way to the top of the pile and blasts us back to the 1930’s. This book is honest, crude and laugh out loud funny. Fly on you dirty angels


The Mainstream One: Ms. Marvel #17 Marvel


Ah, this was the title that inspired this week’s opening rant. Ms Marvel teams up with the former Ms Marvel, currently Captain Marvel Carol Danvers to save New Jersey from the destruction left in the wake of the Secret Wars event.

The Indie On: Imperium #7 Valiant


Valiant’s Divinity 4-part mini-series introduced their first new superhero since the 90’s. Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine crafted a masterful origin story for the character which has become an instant sensation. Divinity makes his first appearance since his mini-series debut in Imperium #7 and the fans will be all over this book. Already sold out at distribution, don’t sleep on this one.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: ASM Renew Your Vows #3 Deodato Comixposure


The Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows #3 Comixposure Deodato variant is the most hyped variant this week. It’s a swipe of Deodato’s Amazing Spiderman’s 678 variant, currently the most valuable comic from the past decade. High grade copies fetch close to $2K. However don’t expect that this cover will ever come close to that mark. $25 is a bit much for a swipe but I’ll gladly pay cover price for this swipe of the iconic Amazing Spiderman #50.

The Speculation One: Lobo #9 DC


A new character is introduced to the DC universe. Who is Wyvern Cross? The preview looks cool and Cullen Bunn has been on fire lately. Worth a pick-up.

Last week’s leftovers: Sex Criminals #11 Image


I didn’t get a sketch cover last week. If there are any pink polybags still on the shelf I’ll take a gamble. Some of the more hilariously sketched covers are selling for over $100 on the bay.

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