The Crank File: We Can Never Go Home Strikes Again

We Can Never Go Home is a really good book. This modern day Bonnie and Clyde comes correct with a punk rock sneer. Issues #1 and #2 were lauded by fans and critics alike, but issue #3 caught a bit more attention for a couple of pages which featured Madison trying on some new outfits.


Those are some sweet duds, am I right? Apparently a few copyright holders weren’t as amused by the irony as I was and rumors started swirling that these pages would be banned from subsequent printings.

The second printing of issue #3 came out this week. Flipping to the notorious spread, and boom:


Pure gold.

My favorites were April O’neil, Death of the Endless, Wytchblade (lol!) and mohawk Storm.

The 2nd printing of issue #3 has a sweet wrap around cover. Issue #1 3rd printing and Issue #2 2nd printing were also released this week with matching connecting wrap around covers. Get em while you can, sure to be a small print run on this set.








Carpe comics!

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