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Many of you may not know that I am a published author of three books. Well, my third book was released today! I wanted to take a moment to share it with you because these books are my babies and I am darn proud of each and every one of them. So bear with me on this blog, it’s Shameless Self Promotion Time!

In the last year I have self-published three books and each one has been a blessing for me. While they aren’t selling to the levels of Harry Potter or Stephen King, they do sell pretty regularly and I have a blast at the various book expos and comic cons I have been lucky enough to attend (I also make tote bags from T-Shirts fyi).

Before I get to my newest novel, let’s do a quick review of my first two.

The Last Daughter of Lilith

Great title right? Check out the cover!

Cover Art by Frankie B. Washington
Cover Art by Frankie B. Washington

The cover art is by Frankie B. Washington (he also did the cover art for my newest book) and the story itself is about a young woman named Katrina who had, throughout her life, found herself doing things she simply didn’t mean to do. Strange occurrences that made her fear for the lives of the people she loved so she shut herself off from them, built up walls of cool detachment and decided to focus on a life of rules and order. Katrina was the kind of girl who didn’t believe in magic, until one day it found her.

What follows is a tale of love and finding your own power. Katrina has to learn to embrace her new life after tragedy destroys her old one. She has to learn that she is far more powerful than she ever imagined she could be and she has to fight to protect the people she cares about. It is a tale of magic, romance, death and more. It is a tale about the last daughter of Lilith and what she does with the power she never knew she had.

Coming Undone: Musings On Life, Love and Hobbits

Cover art by JL Metcalf
Cover art by JL Metcalf

This one is a bit of a departure from my first novel. It’s an auto-biography of sorts. I use old journal and blog entries to talk about my struggles with depression, anxiety and self-loathing while I attempt to find love in this insanely digital world. It was a challenging book to write but an important one. I knew that there are so many men and women out there who struggle with not feeling “good enough” to be loved. The fact is, we are all good enough, we are all amazing people and we deserve only good things in our lives. We all deserve love.

Menagerie Of The Weird

Cover art by Frankie B. Washington
Cover art by Frankie B. Washington

And here we have it, my third book, Menagerie Of The Weird, a collection of short stories sure to titillate and terrify. Each tale is amazing in its own way and with the help of my illustrator and collaborator Frankie B. Washington, this is a collection of unusual tales that I have been collecting for years. Almost every story takes place in Rhode Island as well because honestly, I can’t think of a better place to set a story than my home state!

Menagerie is available today on Amazon in paperback format, it will be available for Kindle in the next day or two. If you like short stories, horror stories and funny stories, than Menagerie is for you. Even if you don’t like any of these things but like to read, I’m almost certain you’ll find something to love in Menagerie. Join me on this adventure into the WEIRD!

All of my books are available on, you can easily find them all by searching my name, JL Metcalf.

Yours in Reading, Writing and Weirdness!

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P.S. I’m seeing Ant Man today so expect a review next week on the blog!!!

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