The Crank File: Marvel Gives You the First Taste for Free

It’s Comic Con week nerdettes and nerds. A special time of the year when several thousand lucky people get the opportunity to stand in lines for hours for exclusive, new collectibles and to hear exclusive news about their collectibles.

While the rest of us are forced to sit and watch from behind our screens, we too can enjoy in the spoils of Con. In celebration of SDCC 2015, Marvel is giving away access to Marvel Unlimited, their digital comic service with over 15,000 comic for, well not exactly free, but for only $0.01 for the first month.

The newest issues on Marvel Unlimited are from 6 months back, so although it won’t get you caught up on recent titles, Marvel Unlimited is a great service for catching up on back issues from some of Marvel’s most classic and endearing stories.

Just head on over to Marvel’s website, register an account and use the promo code “penny” when you check out. Just make sure you disable the auto-renew option when you sign up or you’ll get dinged for the full $9.99 monthly fee in August.

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