The Female Perspective: Female Dinosaur Toys? Dear God NO!!!!!

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How many of you have seen the Jurassic Park movies? Okay, that’s like a bazillion-trillion of you, good. Now, how many of you recall that all the dinosaurs on the island are female? No? Watch this for a quick refresher.

Okay, now that we are all on the same page let’s take a moment and check out these wonderful new Jurassic World toys! Oh boy, dinosaurs and raptors to play with, what fun! Wait…huh? These dino’s are described as being boys. Well that’s quite odd…


Oh wait, it’s not all that odd because girls can’t have toys unless they are gender approved. God forbid your son gets a GIRL dinosaur to play with. I am sure that will instantly make him like…what exactly? Girl dinosaurs? Will it make him gay? Can we please just call this for what it actually is? Sexism. The fact is, we see it over and over again, does anyone have any Black Widow toys? Not really right? Because they are so against selling women figures or female toys that they will actually go to the lengths of actually erasing a woman off her own toy or changing the entire mythos of the story by making the dino’s boys instead of girls.

Does this make me angry? A little bit, yes because the whole thing about Jurassic Park is that they manufacture the dinosaur’s to be all female all the time so that they don’t breed (but, as we all know, that fails in spectacular fashion). So why make the change? Why decide to write-up the dino’s as male instead of female? What’s the thought process on this? I am actually curious to know because I cannot think of one, single reason why you would take characters that are very much female and decide that they’re male because maybe the powers that be that make those kinds of decisions think that boy dino’s will sell better than girl dino’s? Newsflash, whoever you are decision making guy, you should get fired for being so dumb it actually hurts me. Why give the dino’s a sex at all? If you are so offended by the idea that they are female in ALL OF THE MOVIES why bother with a he or she pronoun? Oh that’s right, sexism.

All girls, all the time.
All girls, all the time.

It’s a tough world out there folks and while I realize that dinosaur toys as a movie tie-in is the smallest nugget of annoyance there can possibly be, it’s still frustrating that female’s get so little respect that there can’t even be a proper toy that represents them. Don’t even get me started on the Furiosa comic book that completely negates the beauty of Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Come on, sing it with me! "Girls, girls, girls!"
Come on, sing it with me! “Girls, girls, girls!”

It’s these “little” things that make up the bigger whole. It’s these things that remind me (and so many others) that feminism is important, that it is necessary. Equality will never be a thing of the real world until we are all actually equal and no one decides that a female dinosaur has to be male because it won’t sell otherwise. I can PROMISE you, even if you put a pink frilly hat on ole’ Blue up there, it would still sell because Jurassic World is a HUGE hit.

Come on decision makers, stop screwing us ladies over in the toy department, we like toys too and not just Barbie dolls.

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7 thoughts on “The Female Perspective: Female Dinosaur Toys? Dear God NO!!!!!

  1. I have to admit that I was upset reading this article, but not because of the dinosaur toy misappropriation of gender controversy. I am a man, fully behind women’s rights, and gender equality. I wanted to read this article, and take it seriously, but after reading the pronoun in question that the entire article is based upon I shook my head in anger. Why do some people take advantage of a clear mistake and use it as a symbol of oppression? Let’s look at the picture in question. It refers to the dinosaur as a “he”. Dear God No!!! (As the title of the article claims) First of all, this is most likely a mistake by the toy marketer. Toys are marketed months before movies come out and rarely do the toy makers have a chance to read a script to identify such details. Second of all, it’s an animal with no features to perceivably distinguish it as male or female. Yes, they do reference that the dinosaurs are all female in the movie, but the toy maker didn’t know that. Just look at the name of the dinosaur, “Blue”. I can honestly say I have only heard the name “Blue” associated with males (my grandpa had an old bloodhound named Blue). Third: as an example, it is easier to identify a Black Widow action figure from the Avengers movies as a female because it has typical human female features. The same goes for most all human female action figures. Fourth, and here is the kicker, no one says that these toys are made for boys only! Girls can play with them too, and I fail to see a girl honestly deciding that they do not want to play with this toy because the advertisement called the dinosaur a boy. If you are a mother that wants to raise her daughter in an all inclusive gender society, would you protest the use of “he” instead of “she”, and decide not to buy the toy? No, in fact, I think it is more likely that the girls of the world might gravitate toward a different toy that is marketed toward them. Is this a sexist remark? No, the toy companies know this, and that is why they market the toys to boys. They are not telling the public that only boys can play with dinosaurs, they are advertising the toys to boys because more boys want dinosaurs than girls. That is just the nature of advertising. Advertise to your buyers demographic. You don’t see Victoria Secret advertisements during WWE wrestling on television. That isn’t sexist. Women like wrestling, but that isn’t the main audience that Victoria Secret would be effective in advertising toward. And so, you see advertisements for video games and men’s shaving razors during wrestling programs.
    When you publish an article like this, citing sexism, and hate towards women as the reason behind the branding of a dinosaur’s gender, you do a great disservice to the cause of gender equality. It is a setback because it turns the feminism cause into a petty argument that is more apt to complain about toys and not approach the fundamentals of the movement: Respect women!
    This article is framed in a way to cause unwarranted controversy. Like my grandpa would say, “You’re like a motor boat in an open sewage pond; kickin’ up shit on everything and going in circles.” This article is not meant to inspire others to back the movement of gender equality. The article does just the opposite, and for that I am very mad. My only wish is that these comments were at the top of the page instead of the bottom, so I could save another readers two minutes of life that they can never get back by reading this garbage parading itself as ammunition for a just cause.

  2. Hey goingwiththeflow – I think you’ve effectively commented everywhere on this blog post of mine and I really appreciate it, as I said on Google (twice) I am glad for your comments and I am a good sport and none of what I say is to be taken as absolute truth. I speak my mind on my blog and I am fully aware that folks will disagree (some strongly, as you did today), these are my thoughts on matters in the world and I am not at all the first person to comment on this,
    Thanks again for your thoughts! Jessica

  3. Go no go with the flow guy… The dinosaurs have been female since the first Jurassic Park released. And don’t sell yourself as a male for gender equality if you don’t recognize the problem the author is addressing. You missed the point. AND you were a jerk about it. Not cool gonogo

  4. Here’s where I take issue….
    The clip you showed is from JP not JW and it was expressly stated in that movie that nature finds a way in that some Dinos turned into males frog style. Was it ever expressly said in JW all the Dinos were female?

  5. Solid point JingleJelly but from what I remember, they were all addressed with female pronouns so yes, I believe they were all girls. Thanks.

  6. Why would the dinosaurs have to be female for girls to enjoy them? I played with dinosaurs growing up, and in my mind, they were all boys. They are giant, scaled lizards who eat people, and destroy things.

  7. I agree and I don’t care what sex my dinosaurs are, I was merely questioning why the pronoun was changed when for 20+ years they have been female and kids (boys AND girls alike) still play with them.

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