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I’ll be honest dear readers, I am hot and tired from a long day of working and some uncomfortable back pain. Today I want to issue a blog post that’s a bit of a mishmash of various bits and pieces I have found but haven’t had the time to write up into a full-length blog. Let’s chat about a few things.

John Oliver and His Thoughts On The Internet

This past Sunday, John Oliver issued a beautifully worded and true commentary on how women are treated on the internet. Check it out below and be advised, this is Not Safe For Work or children.

I did a piece on Gamergate awhile back and felt the same way, these poor women were harassed to the point of needed police protect and safe houses…over a VIDEO GAME. Does that seem right to anyone? I sure hope not because that is bat-poop crazy sauce. America has free speech and to me that extends to the internet. The problem is, some people simply didn’t get the memo, they decided that free speech only means what they believe and if you disagree…well, better be prepared for some pretty vile comments about your anatomy and possible revenge porn.

Batgirl Has Been Fighting For Equal Pay For a Loooooong Time

Sure, this is funny but it’s also right on point, Batgirl doesn’t have it any easier than Robin, so why isn’t she being paid the same amount? Oh, that’s right, she’s a woman. Come on Batman, get it together and compensate your workers fairly and equally!

Batgirl Wants Equal Pay!

The World Right Now and The World Long Ago

I’ll tell you, the world right now is a crazy place and has been for a while. I see the events that go down in places like Baltimore and South Carolina and remember names like Freddie Gray and Michael Brown and my heart aches for all that is happening and all that has happened. As many regular readers of this blog know, I have a special place in my heart for Feminism and it makes me very angry when young women decide they don’t “need” feminism. Coming soon is a movie that I hope will remind those young women all that suffrage did for us, all that feminism has done and IS doing for us. It is a movie that touches my soul just watching the preview and I hope that everyone goes and see’s it because if you think you don’t “need” feminism? Take a look at this and tell me that feminism didn’t do anything for us.

We need people who are willing to take a stand against injustice and inequality. We need people to stand up and proclaim that love is greater than hate and we need people to wake up and realize that these people who have fought and died for the various causes they have represented deserve respect. If you feel as though feminism isn’t something you “need” that’s your choice, of course it is, but please, educate yourself on what feminism has done and don’t assume that all feminists are crazy because a few extremists have spoiled it for the whole movement.

That’s my blog for today, tell me YOUR thoughts on any of the items I’ve posted here or tell me what’s on your mind about any current events. I want to hear YOUR voice!

6 thoughts on “The Female Perspective: A Little Bit Of This & A Little Bit Of That

  1. Gosh, I must watch that movie when it comes out! Women who speak out against feminism usually don’t have a clue. Many generations of women have fought for equal rights and recognition in the work place and society at large and we’re still underpaid and overworked. So many stupid men and women think that feminists hate men or are lesbians. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I’ve stood my ground all my life in male-orientated environments – as a biker, a taxi driver and in many other work and leisure situations. That doesn’t make me any less of a woman, on the contrary. Oh, by the way, I’m married, a mother and a professional.
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  2. Hmm. I totally agree that women should be allowed to vote and work outside the home. But modern feminism (what I call rabid feminism) has gone off the rails. What is wrong with women being women? What is wrong with being loving wives and mothers? What is wrong with living for others? It is appalling to me when women try to escape the fact of their femininity, because it is, frankly, sexist – it is saying that women shouldn’t be women because being a man is better.

    We as women have been given the greatest privilege a human being can be given – that of bearing children – and the modern feminist movement denies that this is a privilege. This is why I do not consider myself a feminist in the accepted sense of the word. However, I AM a feminist in the word’s true sense: I am a woman who rejoices in my feminity. I am a woman who rejoices that I am not a man. I am a woman who is truly proud to be a woman.


  3. Thank you for your comment Benita and I think that is one of the issues with the perception of feminism today. It’s not all “rebels” or extremists. There are people like you, me and my circle of ladies who believe that women CAN be women and in fact, if they choose to bear children and be their truest, feminine self that they are in fact STILL feminists in all senses of the words. These factions of feminism have to learn how to come together so that we all accept each other, no matter what our stance because we all believe that we are women and we deserve equality.

  4. Yes Angela! I agree 100% with you. There needs to be a greater understanding that feminism encompasses ALL types of women, mother’s wives, sisters, fighters, etc. It’s not just one type, it’s ALL types!

  5. …and also includes men like me! 🙂

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