The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 6/17

Greetings comic book fans to issue #17 of the Crank File. We’re back with another installment of the Crank File. Sorry for the long layoff between posts. I was in Taiwan last week on business and only recently re acclimated to living on the Western hemisphere. I’m just getting over the jet lag, and getting over the events of Game of Thrones. More importantly I’m getting to the bottom of a three week stack of books. Thanks to Tania over at Friendly Neighborhood Comics I didn’t miss an issue. Asia is always fun but it’s comforting being back home in the good ole you ess of eh. For you one thing, you don’t have vendors selling stinky tofu in the streets over here. God bless you America.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Alex + Ada #15 Image


Nobody told me last month that #14 was the penultimate issue. I wasn’t ready for it. And I sure don’t think I’m ready for the series finale either. I am fairly certain that Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn’s Alex + Ada is going to wind up somewhere on my “Best of..” end of the year list. Their tale of love and sentience slowly won me over with a thought provoking story set in neo-futuristic suburbia and I’m sad to see it come to an end. Not the issue to be jumping in on the series with but don’t you miss it. Issues #1 – 10 are available now in two trade paper backs. Issues #11 – 15 will be collected in volume 3, out August 12.

The Mainstream One: Old Man Logan #2 Marvel


Secret Wars brings back the classic Mark Millar and Steve McNivens creation, Old Man Logan.  Written by the prolific Brian Michael Bendis, Old Man Logan is like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, only with snikters and an adamantium laced skeleton. The pseudo-western plot is rendered in stunning beauty through Sorrentino’s dramatic artwork. Marvel’s summer event has continued to sizzle with consistently fresh and quality stories and in Old Man Logan I have found my favorite Secret Wars series.

The Indie One: Low #7 Image


Issue #7 opens up a brand new arc for my favorite aquatic sci-fi fantasy. In a future where our sun has gone red giant, mankind has been forced into the depths of the ocean. With resources in these sub-oceanic colonies running out, one family sets out on a mission to save humanity at any cost. Low is certainly a haunting story, which should be expected from a Remender series, but the protagonist remains unapologetically optimistic in the face of tragedy, a ray of hope piercing a dark sea of despair.

The #1 One: Justice League of America #1 DC


There’s a 7-page preview available, and the art in issue #1 looks stunning. I don’t love the $5.99 cover price and I don’t love that it’s being released with 9 variant covers, but at least we’re getting a double-sized premiere issue here. DC tapped superstar comic book artist Bryan Hitch to helm the relaunch of JLA, and handed him the reins to both drawing and writing duties. That’s a huge vote of confidence for a creator who is notorious for not working well on a deadline.

The Speculation One: Wonder Woman #41 DC


It’s a brand-new Wonder Woman, folks. New direction, new outfit, and most importantly a new villain. Could be a long term hold.

Last Week’s Leftovers: We can Never Go Home #3 Black Mask


Black Mask has scored a string of hits recently with Space Riders and May Day, but WCNGH may be the best of the bunch. This series has the makings of an indie darling. Copies of issue #3 were absolutely on fire in the secondary market after several reviews sent speculators on a raid of the bay. With BIN auctions selling regularly for $15, We Can Never Go Home #3 is a book to look out for when you go pick up your regular pulls.

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