The Front Row View: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Front Row View is a regular column by Great Stories contributor Jim Cannizzaro.  He is a veteran community theater leading man, seasoned blogger, movie enthusiast, and family man.


An addition to my list of Great Summer Movies is one that I’ve seen far too many times for my own good: John Hughes’ 1986 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Who but Matthew Broderick could have made a potentially smarmy and unlikable character into the funny charmer that he is here? Which of has never wanted to BE Ferris Bueller. To be able to get the better of all of the obstacles thrown in front of us in life through the use of our deft brains and quick wit (as well as the ability to hurtle ourselves through houses and backyards in order to get home before our parents). To be a modern day Huck Finn, joyriding into Chicago to luncheon at fancy restaurants and boogie and lip-synch to the Beatles while standing on a float in a humongous parade. Ah, youth. Show it to your kids when they’re teenagers (although be prepared to squirm at some of the language). They’ll either cringe at the dated ’80s fashions and pop culture references….or, like at least a few of us, think it’s one of the greatest movies ever made. Bueller….Bueller….Bueller…


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