The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 5/13/2015

Welcome back true believers to the 16th issue of the Crank File. Speaking of the number 16, On Saturday, May 16 Great Stories takes its first step down the road towards brick and mortar, opening up shop at Bernats Antiques over in Uxbridge, MA. Stop by if you’re around this weekend. You can pick yourself up some sweet collectibles and meet some great people. Coincidentally, May 16 also happens to be my birthday. Excelsior! May I live all the days of my life.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Saga # 28 Image


In case I haven’t made my feelings about Saga completely clear by now, I love this series. Any week that Saga is out, it’s the first off the pile. It’s really that good. I promise you. You need Saga in your life.

The Mainstream One: Secret Wars #2 Marvel


Not only was the Alex Ross cover for Secret Wars #1 gorgeous but it was made of that textured paper that feels velvety to the touch. Fuzzzzy. As for the actual story, I seriously enjoyed the deliberate pacing in issue #1. Hickman dished up plenty of action without a ton of exposition, allowing the tension and drama to build naturally before cutting the cord on the Marvel and Ultimate Universes. Some serious stuff went down with too many A-list casualties to list (or believe) and the return of the Dark Phoenix, who’s a dude now. Now that the great schism has occurred and the status unquo’d, I’m looking forward to seeing where this creative team is going and whether they can keep the momentum going. I have my eyes on the Wolverine action figure variant for issue #2.

The Indie One: Mythic #1 Image


Science is a lie, an opiate for the masses. The truth is, magic makes the world go ’round. And when magic breaks, MYTHIC is the team assigned with keeping the gears of the supernatural world turning, and more importantly, keeping you from ever knowing about it. An intriguing premise from an award winning creative team. A $1.99 introductory price makes it easy to check out this new #1 from Image.

The #1 One: Injection #1 Image Cover B


I’m buying cover B for the soft, white cover and insanely detailed pencils. The subdued colors and flowery patterns look sweet and delicate and then you realize that it’s a face with a horrifying fungal infection. Get ready for a dose of sci fi and horror from Warren Ellis and the creative team behind his brief yet memorable run on Moon Knight.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Thor #8 Marvel Phantom Variant


Bonus points for revealing the identity of Lady Thor. Another ASM #300 cover swipe from Phantom. You guys keep printing them and I’ll keep putting them in my collection. Which character do you want to see get the 300 treatment? My vote’s for a Hulk cover with green numbers.

The Speculation One: Darth Vader #5 Marvel


Darth Vader is my favorite of all the Star Wars books out now. It’s an insightful look into one of the most powerful and complex characters in the Star Wars universe. But it’s not all about the Vader. The secondary characters like Aphra and triple zero have been delightfully twisted, evil, and memorable. Issue #5 promises to introduce some more characters, with unidentified green and yellow lightsabers crisscrossing the cover. Do they belong to Jedi? The force is strong with this one.

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