The Female Perspective: Supergirl and Pose-able Ta-ta’s: It Must Be Monday!

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There are some days I wonder why I write this blog (those days are usually when I have a lot of writing work to do and no time to write the kind of stuff, like this, that I want to write!), those are the bad days. Then there are days that I am so glad I have this outlet for my perspective, for my voice. Those are the good days.  Today is one of the good days.

Oh Marvel, I'm disappointed in you.
Oh Marvel, I’m disappointed in you.

So much came into my inbox today, articles about a leaked Marvel email about why we can’t have nice things…wait, it was about why a female-centric superhero film wouldn’t work. The email then went on to site 3 examples of failed superhero movies, one of them, Supergirl from the 80’s was filmed THIRTY YEARS AGO.

Author FYI: I love Supergirl. It made me feel like girls could be powerful. It also makes my day every time I watch it and actually, I sense a viewing coming my way very soon. I mean, seriously, FAYE FREAKIN DUNAWAY as the villain!! And Peter O’Toole!!! Dear lord…when Supergirl has to escape the Phantom Zone I die every time, it’s one of the best, most perfect examples of “girl power” I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, watch this…NOW (please).

Seriously, when she stands up in front of the light with that music playing I get chills, CHILLS.

Anyway, I lost my point there for a moment, I’ll come back to it now. The fact is, in terms of money, the film Supergirl was a flop and I full understand that that is all movie execs look at and consider. In the interveneing 30 years though we’ve had Wonder Woman the TV show, we’ve had Agent Carter which is coming back for a 2nd season (Can I get a Hallelujah for that!?) and we have Black Widow in the various Avenger-themed movies. We have there 3 prime examples of women super hero’s getting it DONE with power and style. To try and say in this day and age that a female-centric hero movie wouldn’t work? Well, that’s antinqated and useless thinking. it’s thinking that shouldn’t be working at Marvel anymore.

The author of the Marvel article (linked above) did a fantastic job making the arguments I would have made, the point being that there have been PLENTY of failed superhero movies with men at the helm (Daredevil with Ben Affleck or The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen are just 2 examples). What matters to comic fans and movie goers isn’t who is the star (though, that is taken into account), it’s whether the movie stays true to the character and is well written, acted and directed.

The guy at Marvel who penned that email should be fired and then fired again for good measure and perhaps even fired one more time to prove the point that he needs to retire and/or educate himself on what draws people to theater.

Super girl played by Helen Slater
Super girl played by Helen Slater

Another example of why I love being able to write this blog is because I also came across an article about an action figure, the title of the article is this:

This Metal Gear Solid V Figure Has Poseable Breasts

I thought it had to be a joke at first but nope, it’s a real thing.  From the article itself.

Hideo Kojima tweeted out images of a figure of the character that is being designed by PlayArts. It reveals that some of the material it’s made of is softer so it can be “lifted” and “pushed”. That material is on the character’s breasts. ~ Bleeding Cool

There truly are no words for how … puzzled I felt when I read this.

There are some days where I think that women have come in terms of equality only to find out that really, women will almost always be treated like pose-able figures to be manipulated at will by fans, dirty old men or other strange people.

There isn’t much more to say here because either (as the author states), you’ll love it or you’ll hate it and that’s your prerogative either way. Which I agree with to a certain extent. I do believe people can make their own choices but the fact is, when toys (is it a toy?) like this are sold it demeans women while also perpetuating the sexism that is rampant in video games, comics and other forms of entertainment. If no one bough it, they would stop making it. Sadly, I’m not sure I believe that that will ever happen.

The words can't even help me express my displeasure at this one...
The words can’t even help me express my displeasure at this one…

The fact is, being able to write this blog gives me an outlet for my frustration and my amusement at the abject sexism that abounds in our world. Some days it breaks my heart, other days it makes me laugh and still other days it makes me good an angry. I can tell you that I’ve gotten comments from readers that either know or not (who am I to judge the words of others?) that they are being sexist and it frustrates the holy heck out of me. My retaliation? I do my absolute best to respond with kindness, reason and intelligence. Once I’ve said my piece I move on.

The beauty of our world being so connected is that it gives people like me an opportunity to talk about what I truly love and I love talking about comics and feminism and pop culture. It really makes my day. I also just realized that I love to talk about the movie Supergirl and I cannot wait for the TV show that’s coming our way (fingers crossed). I can only hope that it is as good or better than the movie because the movie made Supergirl powerful and it made her a woman who finds her inner strength and defeats the bad guys which this feminist nerd loves.


What do YOU think? Is a toy with “pose-able breasts” acceptable? Why or why not? And what do you think about Supergirl – is she indeed a super feminist girl or something else entirely? Sound off in the comments!

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