The Female Perspective: Ricky Gervais and Rebecca Francis: Sexism Or Stupidity? You Decide.

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It’s still amazing, even after all these years, what kinds of things pop on the internet. I guess maybe it’s partly because I remember a world before internet. I remember what it was like to talk to people instead of staring at your phone. I remember what it was like to search for information using a dusty, old Encyclopedia or the Dewey Decimal System in the Library. The world is different now, so different in fact, that sometimes I cannot recognize it. We can talk to people in other countries any time we want, we experience more stuff faster. We Tweet, we Facebook, we Instagram, we Google. On the surface, this kind of instant access to everything and everyone seems awesome. In fact, it’s not so great a lot of the times. A lot of the time, I find out about stuff like this and it just gets on my nerves.

I want people to educate themselves. To learn to defend themselves if need be but more than anything, to own up for their own mis-deeds and prejudices. Is that so wrong?

Okay, back to the blog at hand!

So, I heard rumblings and then a friend suggested I look into the whole Ricky Gervais versus female trophy hunter Rebecca Francis…Twitter…thing.

It all started when Francis decided to pose next to the dead giraffe she had shot (I won’t post those photos here, if you want to see them, go find them yourself). Ricky Gervais (a comedian I very much enjoy, as well as being an animal rights activist) fires out some angry, disgusted tweets (his right in this Social Media world).

What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling? -Ricky Gervais

The fact is, killing animals for fun and then posing with the dead animal with a big ole grin on your face isn’t just gross (to this animal lover anyway) it’s also completely tacky and reeks of disrespect to other species. Humans annoy me because they assume they are the better, stronger, smarter species – yeah, not so much.

I guess this week I’m a bit fed up with the human race. The stuff happening in Baltimore, the regular examples of idiocy on the internet and the fact that one of my good friends got harassed on Facebook and called horrible names for NO REASON (seriously, no reason) kind of bums this lady out. I know hatred has always existed and it will always exist but the internet makes it so much easier to access. I’m tired of hatred. I’m tired of name calling (even though I do it myself on occasion).

All I really want? Peace and Equality. Simple. End of story. Thank you and good day.

What do you think? Is Gervais wrong/right/insane?

Is Francis right in calling him sexist?

Sound off in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Female Perspective: Ricky Gervais and Rebecca Francis: Sexism Or Stupidity? You Decide.

  1. I despise trophy hunting. I also know that while there are probably more men doing it, I see more women get flack for it. That’s not only a matter of which celebrities notice them, but in the resulting harassment, both in quantity and in tone. That is sexist, even if Gervais’ intentions weren’t.

    There’s no reason they can’t both be wrong.

  2. As a feminist male, I totally agree with your comments on the misuse of the word “sexism”. Keep that word for the type of male who denigrates a woman because of her gender, not because of her hunting habits (which I don’t agree with, but not because she is female).

    At the same time, I dislike Mr Gervais’ public persona. To me, he has always had the element about him of the school bully: not a physical bully, but the boy who used his cleverness to make others feel small. The fact that one of his more successful TV shows revolves around the repeated humiliation of someone who is supposed to be one of his best friends is instructive: as is your comment above that “Gervais continued to lambast Francis online”. One or two well-reasoned posts is part of being online, and having the freedom online to express one’s views. “Continuing to lambast” is bullying.

    I’m with Gina Harris’ comment above: there’s no reason why they can’t both be wrong.

    Thank you for a very thought-provoking post.

  3. I have to read Gina’s post and I will after I comment because I totally agree with you. I think that to a certain extent they ARE both wrong. Gervais needs to quiet down, he’s made his point and Francis needs to catch a clue and stop using the wrong word and also stop posing with dead animals! Thank you for your thought provoking comments.

  4. Totally agree Gina, I think there is a sexist undertone to the fact that women get harassed for doing it (we ladies are supposed to be the fairer sex or some silliness like that) but the fact is, I do agree that both Gervais and Francis are both wrong here, Gervais needs to move on and stop harassing her and Francis needs to stop posing with dead animals and posting it to social media. Thank you for your comments.

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