The Female Perspective: That Darn Wonder Woman Movie

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I’ve talked a few times now about the worlds need for a Wonder Woman movie and here I am again, talking about Wonder Woman. The movie is slated to be released in 2017 but it continues to have issues. The film lost its director, producer and “Game of Thrones” director Michelle MacLaren. The studio quickly filled the spot (more on that in a moment) but before they did they decided to make clear that “creative differences” (the reason given as to why MacLaren split) actually means that MacLaren was unqualified to helm a film of the epic scale she was looking to direct. They have now tapped Monster director, Patty Jenkins – who, by all accounts, is equally as “unqualified” to helm such a project (if we are going by the Warner Brothers standards of qualifications, that is).

Here’s my issue, and it’s illustrated by Joseph Phillip Illidge in this article. When Joss Whedon was tapped to direct The Avengers, he was equally as unqualified and yet, the movie was a success. Same goes for  Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Captain America: The Winter Solider (which was awesome). I guess what it boils down to is that I’m confused, why was MacLaren thrown under the bus? Because she wanted to do an epic movie about an EPIC AMAZONIAN by the name of Wonder Woman? Eee gads, imagine the nerve of her to want to make the story of Wonder Woman EPIC. Scandalous.

No, I think it runs much deeper than that, I think that they disliked her story ideas, decided to split and then they decided that since she’s a woman, they can crap all over her without issue (merely an opinion, not fact). Even though that makes them hypocrites. Experience does not immediately equal success (Ridley Scotts disaster of a movie Exodus: Gods and Kings should prove that point nicely), sometimes a lack of experience can be a plus! You aren’t jaded by Hollywood, you have fresh ideas and can take a character that is universally known, like Wonder Woman, and really do something new and fresh with her. I mean, MacLaren works on Game of Thrones for pete’s sake! There are a whole plethora of strong female characters on that show!

Can anyone be better than Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?
Can anyone be better than Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?

No, I think this isn’t a case of MacLaren being inexperienced, I think it’s a case of honest to goodness “creative differences” along with a wee bit of the sexism thrown in for good measure. Mix all of that with the fact that the menfolk at Warner Bros clearly disagreed with her ideas and you have “creative differences”.

This leaves me feeling worried about the Wonder Woman movie. I mean, Monster was a good movie, Jenkins did a great job making Charlize Theron’s murderer both brutal and sympathetic, but at the same time, will Warner Bros. allow Jenkins to take Wonder Woman where she needs to be able to go? Will Jenkins be allowed to treat Wonder Woman like all the other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and give her a bad-ass back story (oh yeah, she already has one!) along with a fantastic plot that keeps viewers engaged and excited?

Only time will tell really. I know that I, for one, will be very interested to see what happens with the Wonder Woman movie. I am also breathlessly awaiting some footage of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in  Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

I need more than this! I want to see Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman fighting, jumping, kicking butt!
I need more than this! I want to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman fighting, jumping, kicking butt!

Wonder Woman may just be another superhero to many, but to me (and I’m not ashamed to admit this), as a feminist, Wonder Woman is much more than that. She is a feminist icon, one of the most popular heroes to date. She is a strong powerful woman hero who stands for feminism in the best possible ways. While she has been treated well in the past, I am nervous about how she’ll treated in today’s over-sexualized world.

My ideal Wonder Woman stands toe-to-toe with Batman, Superman or any other male superhero.
My ideal Wonder Woman stands toe-to-toe with Batman, Superman or any other male superhero.

Again, only time will tell…I for one, have my fingers crossed for the best!

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2 thoughts on “The Female Perspective: That Darn Wonder Woman Movie

  1. Okay, I see where you are coming from. Thing is that as a former avid comic book reader. Comic books has always been slated for boys or young men. I remember clearly how girls and women in genral would put me (guys down for playing video games or reading comic books) Yes there are girls that do, but I know none in my inner cirlcle. I say this for example because when I see a movie aimed torward women the guys are almost always dumb, always wrong and have to go through great lenghs to repair a wrong that was done to a women in the movie. thats not realistic most times but guys don’t complain about that stuff. I am one that will point that stuff out.

    In other words changing how a comic chacter is viewed by the fans that used to or still read the comic is as wrong as someone changing a book or movie character that is favored by women. Yes almost all female charcters is over sexualized in comics but guys are the ones that was reading them for the longest time. I agree how men are treated in your chick flicks ethere but it is what is. To be honest the creator of Wonder Women is a man anyway. Maybe if the creator was girl it would be on thing. To be fair I being a black male don’t like how Marvle in particular is making some of their charcters black that is obviously white. I just stating that women always complain how charcters are over sexed in things that are for men anyway. Don’t like it make your own female character the way you want them to be seen. Just saying.

  2. The fact of the matter is that women now make up around 50% of the comic book audience and the audience of Comic Con’s. No offense but it is your type of thinking- that since comics USED to be geared towards men so therefore who cares about the women that now enjoy them- that is part of the issue. Change has to happen for anything to evolve properly. I don’t know what you are saying by “chick flicks” but that isn’t the conversation we’re having so I don’t know if it’s even worth addressing. If men don’t want to get annoyed/angry about how they are portrayed in some films than that is a weakness on their side. The way you are talking makes it sound as if because I’m a woman I shouldn’t be allowed to have a say over what happens in comics is unfair, sexist and wrong. I am well aware of who created WW and just because a man created her doesn’t mean a man can’t direct/write her stories or woman can’t direct/write her stories. We live in a world of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and all I am ever searching for is equality. For men, for women, for everyone. Thanks. P.S. I write my own strong, female characters but 1 person doing that isn’t going to solve the issue of sexism in the comics industry, but don’t worry, you’re type of thinking is on the way out (slowly, but surely) and I am pretty sure we’ll see equality in the comics world sooner rather than later. Thanks.

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