The Crank File: Here’s What I’m Reading 4/22/2015

Hey there comic book fans and welcome to The Crank File lucky issue #13. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics.

Another week, another swipe at the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover taken by deviant artist Frank Cho. Where will the dirty perpatrator strike next? Who will be the nex super-heroine sullied by his number two pencil? I can’t wait to find out because I think these covers are hysterical. Just a heads up people, Frank Cho will be coming to the Boston Comic-con in August and I’m hoping that he’s sketching covers. I’ve got this idea for a Power Girl Manara swipe that would blow your mind.

A light Wednesday for me and my wallet is thankful. On Saturday I discovered a swimming pool supplies shop that oddly enough also sold comics out of their warehouse. I brought home a stack of dollar books and I’m looking forward to hitting it up again this coming weekend. But there’s some fun stuff coming out between then and now so here’s pretty much everything I’m reading this week.

The top of the pile: Black Hood #3 Black Circle


The Archie revolution continues with Black Circle’s dark, modern tale of viganti justice and man has it been a heck of a ride. Black Hood is not your traditional super-hero crime drama. It’s an anti-hero story. Our protagonist Greg Hettinger is a basically an ex-cop junkie with a gun who executes with extreme prejudice. But the way that author Duane Swierczynski presents his inner conflict, you can’t help but him on as his life spirals out of control. Great read if you’re like me and you take your comics like your coffee, black.

The Mainstream One: Convergence #3 DC

convergence 3

I won’t lie, I might just skim this one off the rack. Convergence has landed sort of awkwardly and after only two issues I’ve have found myself asking over and over, “Why”? Why are we doing this DC? Why have you thrust your heroes into these trans-dimensional hunger games? Why do you tease us with the reunion of Bruce and Thomas Wayne and then don’t show us?? Issue #3 is a make or break moment for me. I hope you brought your A-game DC or I’ll be sitting the rest of this one out.

The Indie One: Postal #3 Image


Three #3’s at the top of this week’s list. I’m really enjoying the twisted world of Postal. This dark mystery is unfolding and has surprised me with a couple of interesting hooks. Set in the town of Eden, Wyoming where all the residents are reformed criminals, Postal is told through the town’s socially impaired postman Mark Shiffron. I haven’t been in love with the artwork so far, but contemplating the musings of a mildly autistic protagonist has been fascinating. He is simply the most reliable, unreliable narrator I’ve ever read. We can trust that everything that he’s telling us is true but we have no idea what he isn’t comprehending. Part Sherlock Holmes part Lennie Small, Postal delivers on Wednesday.

The #1 One: Uncle Scrooge #1 IDW


Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg. Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes. It’s a duck-blur. Might solve a mystery, or rewrite history. Duck Tales. If you hooted out “woooo-ooo” in your head just then, then you already know why it’s on my list.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Star Wars #4 Boba Fett variant Marvel


Because we can all use a little more Fett in our lives. I love the action figure variants and this one was limited to 5000 copies. I got mine reserved. I hope that you pre-ordered yours because the bay has been going wild with this one.

The Speculation One: All New X-Men #40 Marvel

Xmen 40

Comic golden boy Brian Bendis has been teasing a new super hero comic set in the Marvel Universe, The Utopians. Utopia used to be part of Asteroid M, base of operations for mutant super villain Magneto. After Asteroid M’s destruction, Cyclops moved a chunk of it off the coast of San Francisco where it became a sanctuary for mutantkind. So who are the Utopians? Judging by this cover, we will be finding out soon.

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