Fresh Popped Corn: April 2015 Movie Trailers

Once per month, we provide an overview of movies released for the coming weeks, and recommend to our readers where to spend their movie dollars, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers are provided so you can see exactly what we are excited about!  Movie release dates are subject to change.

April 3rd
We are back with another edition of Fresh Popped Corn, and kicking off this month is the much anticipated Furious 7.  Rarely is there a movie that is released featuring such a tragic and dramatic back story as the untimely death of Paul Walker caused shockwaves through the production and left the fate of the film in doubt.  Fans of the series are poised today to see what road Furious 7 will take now in the wake of the tragedy.  Helen Mirren, Katie Holmes, and Ryan Reynolds star in the drama Woman in Gold about a Jewish woman who takes on the government for rights over artwork she believes belongs to her family.  In the comedic drama 5 to 7, Anton Yelchin about a writer who starts an affair with a married woman.  Lambert and Stamp is a documentary about two aspiring filmmakers who become the unlikely co-managers of soon to be famous The Who.  And Dakota Fanning stars in the drama Effie Gray, about a scandalous love triangle between an art critic, a painter, and a teenage girl.  Furious 7 will undoubtedly be top of the box office and we must admit that we are hooked on the human interest aspect of this one.  Check out the trailer below.

April 10th
The second week of April brings with it the Sci-Fi drama Ex Machina, about a young programmer who becomes taken by a fascinating A.I. in female form, and becomes wrapped up in a very unconventional psychological test.  The Longest Ride, adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, features Clint Eastwood’s son Scott and Britt Robertson as a young couple whose romance becomes entwined in the past of an older man who has just survived an automobile accident.  Desert Dancer is the true story of a man who begins a dance company in the heart of Iran’s volatile political climate.  Juliette Binoche plays an actress who re-visits the dawn of her career when she takes part in a revival of the play that 20 years before started her professional life in Clouds of Sils Maria.  Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz co-star.  In Kill Me Three Times, Simon Pegg plays a hitman who finds himself in murderous mayhem after a botched assigmnent.  To be honest, it is not an earth-shattering week for new releases, but Ex Machina looks like it could be a sleeper.

April 17th
Paul Blart:  Mall Cop 2 headlines the third week of the month, as Kevin James returns to his roll as an accident-prone security guard.  In Unfriended, a group of online chatters are stalked by someone or something using the profile of their departed friend, who had committed suicide a year before.  In Self/Less, Ben Kingley plays a wealthy man who attempts to embrace immortality by tranferring his being into the body of a younger “empty vessel” with unexpected and chilling effects.  Ryan Reynolds co-stars.  Child 44 is a dramatic thriller about a miltary policeman during Stalin-era Soviet Russia who investigates a string of brutal child murders.  Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman star.  Monkey Kingdom is a Disney-produced documentary.  In the drama True Story, a struggling reporter (Jonah Hill) is pulled into the big story when a man in prison for murdering his family (James Franco) chooses him to tell his tale.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a driven professional Mom whose life goes in upheaval after her stay-at-home husband leaves her in Alex of VeniceMonsters:  Dark Continent is the sequel to the movie that started Director Gareth Edwards big sci fi movie career.  And Michael Douglas plays a filthy rich mogul who looks for the thrill of big game in the high desert, and ends up in a game of cat and mouse with his young guide (Jeremy Irvine) after an accidental murder puts the two on a collision course in Beyond the Reach.  Unlike the previous week, there seems to be several interesting films to choose from.  While the new Michael Douglas film looks good, we are giving the edge to the compelling looking Child 44, as well as the Hill/Franco drama True Story.  Check out both trailers below and let us know what you think!

April 24th
The final week of the month features the Blake Lively/Harrison Ford romantic drama The Age of Adaline, which tells the story of a young woman whose car accident leaves her with a condition that sees the end of her aging process and the long-term ramifications it has on her life.  Little Boy, a WWII comedic drama about the power of one boy’s love for his father, finally debuts after being bumped from its original March release date (starring Kevin James).  In The Water Diviner, Russel Crowe goes in search of the remains of his three dead sons after they all perish on the same day in the Battle of Gallipoli.  Adult Beginners, with Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale, is about a young entrepreneur who crashes and burns on the eve of his company’s big launch and goes to live with his estranged pregnant sister’s family, only to become their nanny.  And finally, Misery Loves Company, is a documentary that brings together over fifty funny American and Canadian personalities to discuss their professional journeys and insights in an effort to shed light on the thesis, “Do you have to be miserable to be funny?”  Age of Adaline looks to be the winner of this group.  Here is the trailer below.

What will you be watching at theaters this month?

-The Great Stories Team

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