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I decided to do something a wee-bit different in todays blog post. From time-to-time I come across products that are really great and I want to be able to tell a large amount of people. This blog is one way for me to do that. I wanted to share with everyone some info I learned about Essential Oils this week due to my friend and doTerra consultant, Tara Devany.

Tara Devany, Wellness Advocate & Consultant for doTerra oils.
Tara Devany, Wellness Advocate & Consultant for doTerra oils.

If you have ever wondered about essential oils or how to use them, then this will give you a little bit of cool info on them. Read it and feel free to share or contact Tara on her Facebook page for even more great info on oils and how they can benefit your life.

Mmmm...essential oils are perfect for massage!
Mmmm…essential oils are perfect for massage!

Wellness Advocate Tara Devany: Essential Oils Are Your Friend!

Essential oils are one of those items that are useful but seem intimidating to many. It can often be overwhelming to decide which oils to choose. The fact is, oils are a wonderful and natural item to incorporate into your day-to-day life. You can use them for cleaning, body care, perfume, in your humidifier or even as a lip balm! The possibilities are truly endless! Besides their many uses, they smell fantastic!

I had the pleasure of talking to one of my good friends, Tara Devany, about her new role as a consultant for the doTerra company. According to doTerra’s website their mission is to;

“bring a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. [We] wanted something different that would appeal to all people—from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered experts in the field.”

Tara is now part of the doTerra family as a “Wellness Advocate” someone doTerra explains as being a person who;

introduces, educates, and sells dōTERRA products in their local markets through person-to-person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites.”

I sat down and talked to Tara about her love of essential oils and found out some of her favorite uses for them. I also asked her why we, as consumers, should invest in doTerra essential oils.

Cedarwood is a rich, woodsy scent that is perfect for men or women.
Cedarwood is a rich, woodsy scent that is perfect for men or women.

What do you love about doTerra oils or essential oils in particular?

Essential oils are compounds naturally produced by plants to defend against pathogens and to attract pollinators. We can extract these oils from the plants and use them aroma- therapeutically.

doTerra provides products that are grown indigenously and have farms around the world that support local economies. Though they aren’t certified organic or fair trade their practices reflect those values. The testing they do to ensure a therapeutic grade essential oil, which is what you want, sets a bar for the industry. They have their oils third party tested for many things including for the presence of pesticides and guarantee the purity of their oils.

What made you decide to be a consultant for them? What makes you feel comfortable recommending oil use to others?

I was approached by my mentor Jodi Dyer Tefft about using and selling doTerra products at a time when I was beginning to return to work after taking a couple years to raise my son. I felt I was able and I genuinely wanted to contribute more financially to help support my family, but it needed to be something I enjoy. I enjoy being a part of the transformation and the process of discovery when people are seeking ways to empower themselves and their families to healthier living.

Personally, I always look for products with the least amount of ingredients and for ingredients that aren’t just non-toxic but also promote homeostasis, or your bodies natural tendency to seek balance. doTerra essential oils fit both criteria and have the added benefit of smelling wonderful.

Lavender = Yummy
Lavender = Yummy

What are some of your favorite uses for essential oils?

  • Melaleuca (tea tree) and lavender mixed with distiller water makes a great yoga mat wash.
  • Lemon oil or the Citrus Bliss blend are invigorating and work well for improving your mood during the long winters or to help keep students attention in a classroom
  • The wood oils like cedar wood or sandalwood make a great natural scent for men.
  • doTerra also makes breath freshening Beadlets filled with peppermint to aid digestion. They also have an immune support blend called ON Guard.

What are some of your favorite oils and why? What are their benefits?

I love that making your own cleaning products is a cinch with essential oils. Adding essential oils of tea tree, rosemary and lavender to an apple cider vinegar and baking soda rinse helps promote healthy hair and scalp. Add thyme to that for balancing the oils on your scalp.

doTerra's ON guard beadlets.
doTerra’s ON guard beadlets.

Why should people buy doTerra oils specifically?

I think people should incorporate the use of essential oils into their daily lives to improve their health. doTerra makes purchasing oils easy and attainable. Start small with the Introductory Kit of lemon, lavender and peppermint. Visit and become a member of my group on Facebook, focus in~ Essential Oils, and share your experiences or find information. Ask questions so we can learn new things together as a community. I think the success of an endeavor hinges on the support created by the community you are a part of and we would love to be that community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me Tara! For those that want to buy some wonderful oils make sure to check out Tara’s website!

*It should be noted that none of the statements in this article have been approved by the FDA.

What about you? Do you use essential oils regularly? What kind of tips or tricks can you offer about their uses? Sound off in the comments!

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