Fresh Popped Corn: March 2015 Movie Trailers

Once per month, we provide an overview of movies released for the coming weeks, and recommend to our readers where to spend their movie dollars, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers are provided so you can see exactly what we are excited about!  Movie release dates are subject to change.

March 6th
Welcome back to another month of Hollywood and beyond’s newest releases to your local theaters.  March kicks off with the much anticipated Chappie, which features a robot that oozes personality.  We still fondly remember Short Circuit with Steve Guttenberg, but this time we get an evil Hugh Jackman (yes, he is playing the BAD GUY!) trying to take out Number 5, er Chappie the break dancing robot!  So, what else might be in store for those of you not interested in that sci-fi robot interest story?  Well, we have a movie sequel, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel hits theaters with an impressive cast that includes Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Richard Gere, and Dev Patel.  The 2011 original was a pleasant surprise and here is to hoping that the second go around is as enjoyable.  Next up, comedy fans will have Unfinished Business to seek their teeth into, starring Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave “Brother of James” Franco as a group of businessmen travel to Europe to seal a deal and have their worlds turned upside down.  Meanwhile, for you documentary fans there is Merchants of Doubt, which profiles the paid pundits who are paid to go on TV to talk about all sorts of topics ranging from pharmaceuticals to climate change.  Chappie is going to be where the money is at this week, but it is The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel that has us most intrigued.  Both look like fine choices for March’s first weekend at the theater (especially with the advanced critical buzz) and they are appealing to much different groups.  Check out both trailers below and tell us what you think!

March 13th
Disney gets its box office engine going again with the release of the live action Cinderella.   We have the adorable Lily James as the title character along with Haley Atwell, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Stellan Skarsgard heading an outstanding cast for the re-imagining of this classic.  Will the Maleficent formula work for Cinderella?  The forecast looks bright, we think.  Liam Neeson takes another turn as a vengeful dude with a gun in Run All Night.  He might be type cast at this point, but people seem to like that.  Horror fans are in store for a little nod to the 80’s style genre film with It Follows, starring Maika Monroe.  In Seymour:  An Introduction, Ethan Hawke directs a documentary about Piano instructor Seymour Bernstein.  A little bit of everything in week two you could say. Once again, we offer you two trailers appealing to two decidedly different audiences with Cinderella and It Follows.

March 20th
Shailene Woodley returns with the second installment of the Divergent series with Insurgent, ensuring that the teen to twenty-somethings will be flocking to the theaters.  Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, and Idris Elba star in The Gunman, about a former military man and contractor with PTSD who must trek across Europe to clear his name of atrocities and expose the truth of his service.  The people who brought us God’s Not Dead return with Do You Believe, about a dozen people whose lives unexpectedly intersect as they search for deeper meaning in their existence, starring Mora Sorvino, Lee Majors, Alex PenaVega, Sean Astin, and more.  An intriguing independent movie, Kumiko Treasure Hunter, stars Rinko Kikuchi as a Japanese girl who discovers the movie Fargo on videotape and becomes convinced it holds the secrets to a lost treasure in America.  In Danny Collins, Al Pacino plays a washed up rock star who attempts to recapture old glory after the discovery of a letter personally written to him by John Lennon.  Annette Benning and Jennifer Garner co-star.  And in Spring, a young man escapes to Italy from the USA amidst personal crisis only to involve himself with a woman who is not what she appears to be in this seemingly H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror.  When looking at the line-up of movies on paper, we were surprised to find that Danny Collins had such a charming trailer.  And The Gunman looks to be the other big winner in our eyes this week.  Check out both below!

March 27th
The last weekend of the month boasts a hefty lineup beginning with the new Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard, about a milquetoast dude whose pending prison sentence requires him to toughen up.  The animated Home features the vocal talents of Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez about an inept alien race that seeks to hide from their sworn enemies.  Kiddies all over the place with this Dreamworks release!  Next up is Serena, a depression-era drama starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, about a timber tycoon whose future is uncertain after his marriage to the title character.  Cupcakes is a comedy out of Israel about a group of friends who become unlikely contestants in a world talent show when their mobile mock-up of the Israeli entry into the show goes viral.  The Riot Club is a UK offering about a couple of Oxford students whose drinking and drugging exploits, as part of an aristocratic club that believes money can buy anything, lead to even greater sins.  And finally,  in the comedy While We’re Young stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a couple whose lives are in upheaval following the involvement of a younger couple played by  Amanda Seyfried, and Adam Driver. It seems a good time to get some laughs in our cinematic diet, and the new Ferrell/Hart combo may be just the movie to provide them.  Check out the trailer below.

See you next month for the April trailers.  In the meantime, share with us what you are looking forward to seeing this month at the movies!

-The Great Stories Team

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  1. I am thrilled about the Cinderella movie! The robot movie looks good too!

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