The Crank File: Wild’s End – Wild Endings and New Beginnings

Welcome back for the fifth installment of The Crank File. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics. Today we review the Boom! comics’ scifi mini series Wild’s End and look forward to what the future holds for the title.

Wild's End #6

Issue six of Boom!’s six part miniseries Wild’s End descended upon comic shop everywhere this past Wednesday. The genre bending alien invasion story delivered a pulse pounding finale that left the audience (me) screaming for more (more!).

I picked up the first issue of Wild’s End because it had been pitched to me as War of the Worlds happens to the Wind in the Willows. Sold. Wild’s End immediately drew me in with it’s cartoonish art style and 1930’s British charm. I loved the anthropomorphic character designs and how the aliens looked like art deco lamp posts.

It would be easy to mistake Wild’s End for a children’s book due to it’s inherent cuteness. But it doesn’t take long for Wild’s End to turn into a dark, psychological tale of horror and survival.

Wilds End

What kept me picking this book off the shelf each month were the neurotic characters. They are nervous, agoraphobic, roguish, chain smoking, drunken, brash and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. They are a group of flawed and conflicting personalities forced together due to impossible circumstances, a tried and true recipe for good drama.

Unusual Suspects
The Unusual Suspects

I had some concerns going into issue six, mainly because I thought that this was the final chapter in the series. Wild’s End was advertised as a six issue mini series and after five issues I felt like there was a lot of ground still to cover if this thing was going to come to a satisfactory resolution. And although issue six serves up plenty of thrills on the way to a violent and fiery crescendo, it ends somewhat abruptly and frustratingly with a cliffhanger.

Much to my relief, writer Dan Abnett tweeted last Thursday confirming that a second series is on the way. Hu-zzah!

Wilds End tweet

Realizing that this was not actually the end to Wild’s End but just to the first arc, I went back and reread the series and found myself enjoying the pacing of the final few issues more than I had originally.

Wild’s End exceeded all of my expectations and I highly recommend it to any fan of science fiction horror. No details yet on when the second series will invade bookstores, but I’ll be there when it does.

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  1. This does look entertaining. I have to ask about the art of the “Unusual Suspects,” does the guy on the far right have multiple personalities or just two heads? haha

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