The Front Row View: Jaws

The Front Row View is a regular column by Great Stories contributor Jim Cannizzaro.  He is a veteran community theater leading man, seasoned blogger, movie enthusiast, and family man.


My movie of the day is Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 get-out-of the-water thriller Jaws. I saw this at a friend’s house last night (thanks for a great time, Jack and TJ!) in HD with Dolby Surround—-Movie Nirvana! The movie’s suspense hasn’t dated a bit (although the above-the-water shark, in the brief glimpses that you get of it, looks as fake as ever). Career defining performances given by Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. A movie that’s sheer fun to watch at any time of the year (actually better to watch in the wintertime, so that it won’t keep you out of the water in the summer).


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