Comic Pick of the Week (December 3, 2014)

Great Stories selects…..

Wolf Moon #1 (Vertigo)

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Just because we are long past Halloween does not mean we can’t bathe in the joy of a new werewolf series brought to you by DC’s edgy Vertigo line of graphic novels and books.  This six-issue series is off to a very promising start as writer Cullen Bunn pens the tragedy that befalls Dillon, whose friends all fall victim to a horribly savage beast deep in wooded isolation of their hunting trip.  Having survived the attack, but not without personal injury, he is up against the clock to find his nemesis before the cycle of the werewolf begin anew.

The violence and gore is pretty graphic, so this book is not going to be for all audiences.  The feint of heart and weak-stomached should probably turn their attention elsewhere (hey, the new issue of Penny Dora just came out!).  The horror hounds (pun slightly intended) will be rejoicing, however.  And they will be particularly happy with the grotesque artistry displayed by Jeremy Haun, who puts his own stamp on the werewolf graphic novel genre.

Great Stories are everywhere!


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