Comic Pick of the Week (November 19, 2014)

Great Stories selects……

Spider-Woman #1 (Marvel)


Not too much of the Spider-Verse has really excited our team, but this week it has our attention with the release of Spider-Woman #1.  Written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Greg Land, the debut issue is really part of a larger story that weaves itself through a multitude of Spider-Man related titles, which is the major drawback for this story.  If you have not followed the Spider-Verse storyline or if you are unfamiliar with Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman, this is probably not the book for you.  The issue begins as a pretty obvious chapter in the larger story and there is no real “get acquainted” exposition, relying on your familiarity with the source material.  Outside of this, however, the book is well written with just the right levels of humor and action to make for some entertaining reading.  Land’s art is pleasing to the eye and the “prohibition Spider-Man” and Silk characters are perfect companions to Jessica.


Also out this week is Punisher #12, which features Castle’s return to the streets of Los Angeles (after spending the last few issues in South America), with the help of his old friend (Rachel Alves-Cole from the Rucka Punisher run)…a nod to Nathan Edmonson for acknowledging the awesome story that preceded his and the continuity that it represents.  For those waiting for Frank to dish out some justice to Dos Soles, your time has arrived.  And he even sends an epic message to the Howling Commandos, who are still hot on his trail and determined to bring the greatest anti-hero in the Marvel stable down.

Great Stories are everywhere!


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