Fresh Popped Corn: November 2014 Trailer Preview

Once per month, we will be taking a look at movies released for the upcoming month, and telling our readers where we would be spending our movie dollars each week, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers will be provided so you can see just what we are so excited about.  Movie release dates are subject to change.

November 7th
Fridays in November are cold and often dreary, so let’s head to the theaters to shake off the malaise and have some fun!  The seventh brings with it the release of the much-anticipated Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut and father who decides to go on a mission that may very well save mankind (no, not from a giant asteroid a la Armageddon).  Christopher Nolan (Legend of the Dark Knight) directs.  The Theory of Everything stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones as Stephen and Jane Hawking, in their early years of life, love, and the pursuit of knowledge. Disney’s Big Hero 6 will set out to bring the superhero concept to the next animated level.  We are betting on this one to be a Box Office juggernaut with cineplex’s chock full of kiddies and parents alike.  Horror movie Jessabelle will try to capitalize on an audience who still has not gotten Halloween out of their systems, with a Cajun flavored haunting tale.  The Better Angels is a biopic of sorts following the early years of Abraham Lincoln in what could be a very interesting entry, starring Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger, and Wes Bentley.  Frodo, er, we mean Elijah Wood continues with his move into the horror/thriller genre with Open Windows.  The movie is being labeled as the Rear Window for a new tech generation as Wood attempts to save the life of his webcam infatuation from a sadistic killer.  We are betting Alfred Hitchcock would be underwhelmed at the comparison.  And On Any Sunday:  The Next Chapter, documentary filmmakers bring us another look at the sport/recreation of motocross forty years after the original documentary aired.  Our pick this week has to be with Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.  Last year’s big serious sci-fi extravaganza was Gravity, which while beautifully shot, had a less than impressive story.  It seems we may have the opportunity for both in this release.

November 14th
Foxcatcher is an amateur wrestling drama that serves as some new territory for actor Steve Carrel who takes on the role of famed sponsor John DuPont.  Channing Tatum is Olympian Mark Schultz with Mark Ruffalo playing his brother in what appears to be a pretty riveting drama.  Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels reunite in Dumb and Dumber To (sic) in what appears to be a sequel that recalls the quality of Ace Ventura 2.  Get some new material guys!  Jon Stewart directs Rosewater, a true story about a journalist who spent over a 100 days being tortured in an Iranian prison.  The Toy Soldiers is a whoa is me drama about life in the 80’s, which looks utterly obnoxious (yes, we are getting very opinionated in this column…ha).  Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank are an unlikely pairing transporting three crazy women across Nebraska state lines in the frontier drama The Homesman.  Kirk Cameron puts Christ back in Christmas in Saving Christmas.  And finally, Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays a teen vocal phenom who struggles to handle her fame in Beyond the Lights.  Looking at this line up, it appears that Foxcatcher is the winner.  Check out the trailer below.

November 21st
We already know what movie will rule the pre-Thanksgiving box office.  The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay Part One will undoubtedly be the movie most people will venture to, but what other movie fare is out there for us?  Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley star in the WWII drama about a team of British codebreakers called The Imitation Game.  The third entry into another horror series, this one called V/H/S: Viral will spell doom for those who pursue the underground home movies that feature terror-filled and other-worldly phenomena.  The Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal gets the big screen documentary treatment in Happy Valley.  And Extraterrestrial will compete with V/H/S for that 18-35 male demographic as alien visitors show up to probe helpless victims foolish enough to chase the lights in the sky, featuring the GREAT Michael Ironside.  At the risk of ticking off the Katniss fans out there, we’ll be putting our movie dollars into The Imitation Game.  Though we also had a good chuckle at the Extraterrestrial trailer, which could end up being kind of fun, plus it has Michael Ironside darn it!  Check both trailers out below (if you dare).

November 28th
After all the turkey has been eaten and the football games are over, those of us who have the good fortune of having Friday off from work will be able to sleep a bit late and then think about some of that Christmas shopping that we’ll be needing to get around to.  Since Black Friday crowds are not our proverbial cup of tea, however, we’ll need something else to do.  Laughs will be in the offering as Horrible Bosses 2 hits theaters, starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston.  As well, families will have a nice option as the famous tuxedo birds from the awesome Madagascar movies get their own film in the simply titled Penguins of MadagascarRemote Area Medical is a film about a group that offers medical services to rural folks who have no hospital and insurance access.  Before I Disappear is a drama/comedy about a guy who is down on his luck, drug addled, and ready to check out on life when a relative calls and asks him the favor of watching her child.  More horror ensues when a scary childhood storybook takes on sinister reality in The Babadook.  And those of you looking for some Discovery-channel style big screen features will get the documentary Antarctica: A Year on Ice.  Since Thanksgiving is a family weekend, we’ll be checking out those hilarious penguins with the whole crew in tow.

What will you be seeing in theaters this month?

-The Great Stories Team

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