Comic Pick of the Week (October 29, 2014)

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Deathlok #1 (Marvel)

4175596-deathlok2014001_dc11_lr-0 4175597-deathlok2014001_dc21_lr-0 Deathlok_1_Hasbro_Variant

Yes, the cyborg killing machine is back with his own title with a script penned by current Punisher and Black Widow writer Nathan Edmonson.  Not having seen a Deathlok title since 2000, it seems that the TV Show Agents of Shield has provided an opportunity for Marvel to begin a fourth series.  Notice there is no “he” when we refer to the history of Deathlok appearances, and that is because there have been five individuals to have run with the mantle of being the ultimate weapon of destruction.  Born from the pages of the recently wrapped Original Sin event, Henry Hayes is the man and the machine this time around, and SHIELD is pulling the strings, but for what purpose?

And for those of you who like freebies, Halloween Comicfest sponsored specials, Afterlife with Archie and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special Edition may be available at your local shops.  Got to love free, right?  🙂

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