Comic Picks of the Week (October 8, 2014)

The next big Marvel crossover between the Avengers and X-Men has arrived; Axis#1 hit shelves today.  This one has been building up for a while in individual titles culminating when Magneto murders the nefarious Red Skull who just so happened to have stolen Charles Xavier’s brain!?!?  Yeah, I’m not making that up.  The resulting psychic explosion leaves us with…you guessed it….Red Onslaught.  Yep, this one could be pretty damn cheezy kids.

Still, I’ll give it a shot although admittedly seeing Falcon as Captain America is already making me a bit nauseous.  There is a nifty Mike Mayhew variant cover featuring Scarlet Witch and Enchantress for those who like to spend their hard earned-dollars on such things, and several other variants as well.

_Axis1 _Axis1v



But, the real fun this week is Rocket Raccoon#4.  Who is the other raccoon?!?!  Yeah, I said raccoon.  You got a problem with that?  This one has been building to a head and we should get one heck of an intergalactic showdown chock-full of Skottie Young artwork!  Another intriguing offering this week is Image Comics new title Birthright#1 which I look forward to perusing.


Great stories are everywhere!



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