Comic Pick of the Week (September 24, 2014)

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Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 (Dark Horse)


Coming off the heels of the well-received Prometheus comic a couple weeks ago, Aliens: Fire and Stone tells the tragic tale of what befell the mining colony LV-426.  The Prometheus and Aliens franchises are inextricably tied together in a natural and flowing chronological symphony that whets the appetite of sci-fi horror fans in a way that previous cross-overs Aliens/Predator never could.  We are excited to see what the future holds, even if it is ironically in the past, as it were.  Dark Horse is serving us up a treat and it makes us wonder what Ridley Scott may have in store for us as we have been hearing more buzz about a Prometheus sequel.

Great Stories are everywhere!


2 thoughts on “Comic Pick of the Week (September 24, 2014)

  1. Love the cover art on this one.

    Also, just registered on your store site yesterday. Love the rare items you have. Will probably do a few purchases next weekend.

  2. Hi Tony. Thanks for the follow! We are happy you agree on the look of Dark Horse’ new series. Also, thanks for checking out our store. We are constantly updating, and actually are in the midst of an almost daily upload of our backlog of comic box products, which is keeping us quite busy. Between that and our vintage toy section, you will be seeing quite a bit of activity. We really appreciate your interest. 🙂

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