Comic Pick of the Week (September 03, 2014)

No surprises this week.  The obvious choice is the correct one.

The much anticipated Death of Wolverine #1 hit the stands this week, and will be followed each of the next three weeks by the next installment of the four part story written by Charles Soule.  Incidentally, Soule just inked an exclusive contract with Marvel.  Steve McNiven brings us the artwork and boy does he deliver!

At this point, pretty much everyone knows Wolverine’s healing factor is gone.  He has sought the help of the world’s greatest minds to no avail.  But everyone knows, and now there’s an astronomical price on his head.  To make matters worse the price goes down the longer it takes to collect…


It get’s better still.  Skottie Young variant?  Check.

Can you say Director’s Cut?  Yep.

The Director’s Cut includes cover and interior sketchwork with McNiven and Soule commentary, an interview with Len Wein (co-creator of the Canucklehead), inked panels, and of course the script itself.  Score!

Moon Knight #7, Uncanny X-Men #25, Rocket Raccoon #3, The Punisher #10, the conclusion to Original Sin #8, and Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #2 also grace the new release rack this week, but if you’re just going to grab one book, then you’ve gotta go with Wolvie.


Great Stories are everywhere!



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  1. An obvious pick, but I could not agree more. It is a must-have story.

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