Comic Pick of the Week (August 27, 2014)

Great Stories selects……


Thunderbolts #30 (Marvel)


Frank castle continues to wage war on his former team, as this series goes out with a bang.  More than we can say for most of the entirety of this disappointing run, but at least the creative team that brought us the wonderful Annual (for this same title) has given us a chance to find something redeeming to take from this latest incarnation of the team that brings Justice Like Lightning…..Oh, I guess they don’t use that phrase anymore.  While General Ross figures out how to deal with his Punisher problem, we will appeal to Marvel to take some time to think about the roots of what made Thunderbolts such a great title back in the day.  Perhaps they will come to understand the value of featuring their C-list stars in a team book which brings the reader more unexpected surprises and unpredictability than what can be produced with another team book full of players everyone is all too familiar with.  We have the X-Men and Avengers for that Marvel!  Throwing together a team of beloved loners may have been appealing to the creative powers that be, but in the end, it defied the true nature of the subject material and felt too awkward and forced.  Let it burn, and be reborn!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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