Fresh Popped Corn: August 2014 Theatrical Trailers

Once per month, we will be taking a look at movies released for the upcoming month, and telling our readers where we would be spending our movie dollars each week, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers will be provided so you can see just what we are so excited about.  Movie release dates are subject to change.

August 1
This Friday Guardians of the Galaxy blasts into the theaters and all other movie studios should tremble at the Marvel juggernaut. Guardians will certainly not break Marvel’s winning streak for opening weekends at the Box Office. In spite of the pre-determined movie-goer money winner, there is one other movie opening in wide release along with some limited release fare. The other wide release movie is Get On Up, which is an intriguing looking dramatic biopic on the sensational James Brown, with Chadwick Boseman playing the lead role. In select cities, Sean Astin appears in the horror sequel Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. The Olivia Experiment looks like a grade C comedy about a young woman who decides to be her own sexual being without any outside help. Calvary stars Brendan Gleason as a priest who receives a mysterious message of his impending murder while in a confessional booth. And in the comedy Behaving Badly, Selena Gomez is the object of a young man’s affection as the main characters traverse a series of very odd and decadent events. What will we be seeing? Nothing holds a candle to Starlord baby! Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer below.

August 8
The second week of August features the return to the big screen for the beloved independent comic turned popular cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Marvel may not actually score a second week victory this time around, as the heroes in a half shell set out to show the world they are a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and they brought Megan Fox along with them as well for all the fanboys. Daniel Radcliffe sheds his Harry Potter persona for a turn in a romantic comedy called What If.  Tornadoes wreak havoc on America, but this time without sharks or angry Nicholas Cage heads in Into the Storm, which looks to be a visually stunning disaster film. The Hundred Foot Journey stars Helen Mirren as the manager of a renowned restaurant who experiences an upheaval when her husband dies and a new chef of unexpected origin shows up to demonstrate that her idea of culinary perfection is not the true pinnacle of delight. Step Up All In continues the popular dance movie franchise by combining an all-star cast of the previous films performers. And the drama About Alex is being billed as this generations Big Chill, starring Aubrey Plaza, Maggie Grace, and Jason Ritter. Our pick for week two, is Into the Storm.

August 15
Sylvester Stallone brings along his jolly band of Hollywood action heroes for a third go around in The Expendables 3 (the first in the series still ranks as the loudest movie I think we have seen in theaters).  In sci fi film The Giver, a futuristic world where freewill has been removed because man cannot be trusted to do what is right, some discover what has been missing from their lives.  Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges star.  Let’s Be Cops features a couple of clowns who misuse their Halloween costumes for their own misguided purposes, starring Damon Wayans Jr.  Eric Stoltz plays a barber who would rather be overseas fighting for his country in the historical WWII era drama, Fort McCoy.  In Coldwater, a desperate mother sends her delinquent son off to a re-education camp in the wilderness run by an ex-marine only to have chaos erupt as incidents at the camp spiral out of control.  In the off-beat comedy Frank, a musician who wears a large full-head mask that disguises his face and expression to the world teams with a dangerous young woman to pull off their own bit of musical notoriety.  This one stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and  Michael Fassbender as the enigmatic Frank.  Life After Beth stars Aubrey Plaza as an undead girl who still wants to continue her romance with her boyfriend but can’t get over the compulsion to eat human flesh.  This comedy shows that zombies are still the hot property.  In The Trip to Italy, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon take six meals in six different Italian locations in a comedic journey of middle aged discovery.  And for the fans of foreign horror, Norwegian monster movie Ragnarok invades select theaters in all of its sub-titled glory.  Taking a break of large scale action, we are taking Fort McCoy and Coldwater as sleeper gems, even if they have no chance of taking the top of the box office.  Check out the trailers for them below.

August 22
The much-anticipated Sin City:  A Dame to Kill For hits theaters with its artsy stylings, Frank Miller story, and impressive cast.  Chloe Grace Moretz plays a young girl whose life is altered by an accident that puts her in a coma and she is witness to the impact on those around her in an outer body experience in the movie If I StayThe Game Stands Tall stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, and Laura Dern in the true story of the high school football team with the longest winning streak in history having to live up to expectations and building their character in the face of failure.  Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis yuck it up in Are You Here, which may be a little less slapstick affair than what we are used to seeing from them.  An unorthodox expedition on a three mast schooner to Northeast Greenland serves as the setting for this documentary about a bunch of people of varying backgrounds coming together for a potentially life changing adventure in Expedition to the End of the World.  John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play a same sex couple who struggle to re-start their lives after getting married.  Love is Strange also stars Marisa Tomei.  The One I Love is a quirky romantic comedy about a married couple (Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass) on the brink of divorce who spend a weekend getaway at the behest of their couselor, played by Ted Danson.  And in The Prince, Jason Patrick plays a man whose daughter is kidnapped by a former rival (Bruce Willis) and he is forced to confront his secretive past and settle scores.  John Cusack co-stars.  The Game Stands Tall seems like our feel-good movie of the month, and who doesn’t like an emotionally stirring triumph?

August 29
Kevin Kline plays Errol Flynn in a true story about the big star’s liason with a budding young actress (played by Dakotah Fanning) with her fame-obsessed mother (Susan Sarandon) in The Last of Robin HoodJessabelle is the latest entry into PG-13 horror from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, featuring a car wreck survivor who is the object of an evil entity’s obsession.  An urban archaeologist and her team become trapped below the streets of Paris after unearthing a tomb and begin experiencing strange and deadly phenomena in the found footage horror, As Above So Below.  Pierce Brosnan is an ex-CIA agent pulled from retirement to save a woman when the effort puts him into the cross-hairs of a young assassin he trained in The November Man.  Robin Wright stars as an aging actress who signs a life-altering contract to help her son in a strange Cool World-like plot in the movie The CongressOne Chance is the true story of an unlikely talent emerging from the depths of scorn and ordinary existence to win Britain’s Got Talent TV competition singing opera.  And finally, Life of Crime features a wealthy and philandering husband (Tim Robbins) who refuses to pay a ransom for his kidnapped wife (Jennifer Aniston).  Surprisingly enough, it is the found footage horror film, As Above So Below that has us most intrigued, but The November Man could also be a nice return to action for the former James Bond.  Check out both trailers below and tell us which one looks good to you!

What will you be seeing at the movies in August?

-The Great Stories Team

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