Comic Picks of the Week (July 16, 2014)

This week’s new releases bring us the death of a beloved comics icon; Archie Andrews.  He’s been with us since 1941 thanks to Vic Bloom and Bob Montana.  But alas, Life With Archie #36 brings the demise of everyone’s favorite small-town, soda-pop shop kid.


You can often see it from a mile away, heck maybe even a million miles away on this one.

See what?  The comic character’s death and creative studio’s money-grab?  No.  Well, ok that too…  But in this case I was going for something more specific.

The predestined last words spoken by Archie himself.



Yep….Nailed it!  Yes, without even opening the book, yours truly guessed not only what his last words would be, but that they would drift up between Betty and Veronica.  Ok, so it wasn’t that hard, but I briefly impressed myself.  I wasn’t going to pick this one up as I’m not really a huge Archie fan, but I couldn’t help myself since he’s been gracing comic pages for such a long time.  So, in the end (pun intended), I must acquiesce to the historic moment.

Uncanny X-Men #23 also hit the stands this week, along with Original Sin #6 (of 8), and Star Wars: Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir#3.  For OS6 I would recommend the Arthur Adams variant featuring none other than Moon Knight himself!



On the mutant front, the story arc entitled “The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier” begins.  Wait!!!!  What!?!?!?  Professor X is dead?!?!!?  Yeah, that happened in AvX (see below) for those of you that missed it.  We might even see the new and angrier Dazzler make her debut.  One thing is for certain.  The Will being read will undoubtedly require the presence of one Mr. Scott Summers…

_deathofxavier _uncanny23


Great stories are everywhere!



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