Comic Pick of the Week (June 18, 2014)

Great Stories selects……   Winter World (IDW)




The great Chuck Dixon brings us a tale of a future earth under a deep freeze and the people who have managed to brave the ice and survive.  This story follows two of these survivors in particular.  Scully protects Wynn as she searches for her parents, risking hypothermia, starvation, or some other unknown demise.  The environment is unsettling and well-drawn by Butch Guice.  And Dixon’s storytelling has been on display at Marvel, DC, and mmany other companies for decades.  Some of his finer work can be seen in the pages of Punisher from the early 90’s, Batman,  and more recently IDW’s G.I. Joe. With a title like Winter World, you could easily be horrified by thoughts of Kevin Costner and that Water World disaster, but we think this story (in spite of its name) has far more promise.  We missed the original graphic novel, on which this comic is based, but rest assured we are intrigued and just may have to splurge for the story whose origins date back to 1987.   Great Stories are everywhere! -Chris

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