Comic Pick of the Week (June 4, 2014)

Great Stories selects……


Black Widow #7 (Marvel)



Punisher #6 (Marvel)



Nathan Edmonson is doing a great job writing two of Marvel’s best street-level titles.  Each book boasts a remarkably different visual style, with Phil Noto’s painted art style making for beautifully elegant and dangerous panels within the pages of Natasha Romanov’s book.  It must be noted that there have been many attempts at bringing Black Widow’s solo book to a level of success as a non-limited series to varying degrees, but this is definitely a worthy attempt at making it stick.  In this particular yarn, Widow is working with a man she pulled out of the mob to help her identify targets of value for pay outside of her Avengers and SHIELD work.  Along comes a certain devil-horned hero to question her most recent actions and the redeemable nature of her work.

Switching gears to Punisher, we have the hunter becoming the hunted as Frank Castle attempts to disrupt a terror plot by an incredibly dangerous Mexican gang that has employed AIM to bring Los Angeles to it’s knees.  And they have brought in the heavy hitter (and Spider-Man foe), Electro, to do their dirty work.  Not only that, but the hired assassin Domino has also been sent by AIM to help achieve their goals.  And if things could not get any worse for Castle, the Howling Commandos are swooping in to take down our favorite vigilante.  How can he effectively punish with so many forces working against him?  Edmonson puts Frank’s back against the wall with the wonderful Mitch Gerads providing all the inglorious visual action!


Great Stories are everywhere!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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