Tube Watch (Week of May 29th, 2014)

The Great Stories team checks in again with you to tell you what we have been watching in the world of entertainment this past week!


We start with Jim, our resident aficiando of classic movie fare.  This week, The Tall T (1950’s western kidnap thriller starring Randolph Scott and Richard Boone) was his throwback selection of the week.  He also spent some being a very good and responsible father by introducing his daughter to the world of Indiana Jones with viewings of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom!  Father-Daughter time doesn’t get much better than that I suspect!  On the more recent front, he was pretty unenthusiastic with the allegedly true story of soldiers trying to save precious art from the German in WWII, The Monuments Men which starred Clooney and Damon.


Marcel enjoyed Godzilla with a friend at the movie theaters.  He also recommends The Legend of Hercules which just recently hit DVD/BluRay.  Also on the agenda was a viewing of The Nut Job, another recently released animated film, with his mom!  Both gave this one a thumbs up.


Melissa, aside from The Nut Job, ended up at the local theater with Chris to see X-Men: Days of Future Past, which could be the best X-Men movie made so far!  They also both took in the recently released Pompeii, and while the story was a bit ho-hum, the special effects were excellent in this Paul Anderson film.  She also suffered through the first episode of Game of Thrones Season One with Chris, deciding that this was not her type of entertainment.


Chris, on the other hand, enjoyed Game of Thrones quite a bit, and is looking forward towards his banishment from the bedroom to watch the rest of season one, which fellow blogger Rob was so gracious to lend to him.  On a solo note, Chris also watched Paranormal Activity:  The Marked Ones which will hopefully bring about the end of that played out franchise.  And reaching a little further back into the archives, Too Big To Fail, which was the HBO-produced drama about the sub-prime mortgage crisis starring James Woods and William Hurt.  Not a bad flick about a topic that truly affected just about everyone out there.


Rob, amidst his reading material and parenting responsibilities, was still faithful to the current season of Game of Thrones but also managed to sneak out to theaters to see the X-Men movie…..yes, he is a die-hard mutant fan!


What were you all watching this week?

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